What’s Your Self-Care Style?

Because it looks different for everyone.

Choose Your (Self-Care) Fighter

When it comes to taking care of yourself, how do you define your self-care style? Are you a quick fix sort of boss that wants your self-care to be served up in small portions you can fit between brewing your morning coffee and checking your inbox? Or do you like to luxuriate in a way that requires an OOO autoresponder? Are you into tried and true methods or do the latest wellness trends get you buzzing? Do you like to splurge or would you rather stay on budget with DIY “me time”?

Whatever your personal style, we’re here to support you with links to help you find just the right relaxing activity because you are your most important asset. And in order to keep showing up to do the work and make the decisions for your biz that only you can make, you’ve got to give yourself the downtime you need to rest and recover.

And remember, self-care is a dish best served often. 😉

Quick ‘n Easy

  • These breathing exercises are as easy as, well, breathing! Experiment with these 5 different breathing styles to find a state of calm. (article)

  • Trade your cocktail for a mocktail and wake up feeling refreshed. (article)

  • Break a couple of your money rules. Allow yourself some flexibility to take care of your health. (article)

  • If you have 5 minutes and want to get stronger, try this dumbbell workout. (article + instructional videos)

  • Take a mandatory lazy day. Don’t do anything all day for ONE day. (article + video)

Play The Long Game

  • Prioritize your health over your business. There is more to life than TCB. (article)

  • Create a time off strategy. Our favorite tip? Create systems that allow you to work less. Brilliant! (article)

  • Start or grow your meditation practice. It’s not as easy as it seems which is why these meditation apps are so popular. (article)

  • Create a space in your home solely for self-care. Design experts share their top tips. (article)

  • Do a #dopaminedetox and reset your nervous system by taking a break from your guiltiest dopamine triggering habits. (article)

Find Clarity + Confidence

As a creative entrepreneur or business owner, you’ve made the bold choice to strike out on your own and do something uniquely you. You have a dream of your version of success and want to feel confident, in control, and clear as you build it.

We’re here to tell you that is all possible even if you don’t quite believe it!

Which is why we’ve created a coaching program to help you shape your path from where you are to your version of success as a business owner. This new program, Boss-Owned Business, is now open for registration for our first open enrollment. This program was made for bosses like you and we’re so excited to share it with you!

What’s Fresh In Self-Care

  • Do you like to sauna? It’s a national pastime in Finland. You can even sauna while you eat your Whopper. (article)

  • Practice manifesting with the moon. Tomorrow’s supermoon is a superb time to start! (article)

  • A legit TikTok trend? Skin cycling lives up to the hype. (article)

  • You probably don’t need that multivitamin. Harvard University weighs in on this daily habit. (article)

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