Why You’re Eating Kale

You can thank the “Queen of Kale” and good marketing

Can We Get A Big ‘Kale yeah’?

Do you remember a time before kale was the darling of the superfoods
movement? If you’re like us, your childhood memories recall the succulent greens decorating the top of your local Pizza Hut salad bar. Recently, claims have been made that Pizza Hut was the largest purchaser of kale in the US before 2012. Company spokespeople cannot confirm this “fact” but can confirm that the chain purchased 14,000 pounds of the fibrous leaves in 2013 alone.

So how did kale go from salad bar decoration to a staple of numerous American restaurants and diets? Creative agency owner Oberson Sinclair just really liked it. After getting her first taste while traveling abroad she decided to start a guerilla marketing campaign on a whim. At the time she was working with a popular restaurant in New York and started her crusade with getting them to place it on the menu. But that wasn’t enough. Sinclair went on to create the American Kale Association to give the veggie more legitimacy. And it worked. People were literally eating it up. From there kale continued to gain popularity, cementing its place in pop culture when Beyoncé wore a kale sweatshirt in her 7/11 music video.

It goes to show why good marketing is worth the investment whether that involves budgeting to hire a marketing expert or taking a DIY approach and allotting your time and creativity appropriately. If it can take something previously thought of as decoration-only and turn it into a staple food of millions, think of what it can do for your products and offerings. If marketing is one thing on your plate that always gets left until the last minute, it’s time to reprioritize, boss. Which is why this week we’ve got all the marketing links to help you #MakeItDo

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