I had a different playlist planned before I remembered that the Olympics are this month. Then the ONLY option for August was an Olympic playlist.

I love the Olympics.

The power of the human spirit.
Exceptional displays of physical performance.
Heartwarming tales of triumph over challenge.
Bob Costas.

When I was a kid, I was convinced that I could become an Olympic athlete. I envisioned what my Bob Costas-narrated story would be. The sports changed depending on my age (gymnastics, diving, swimming, figure skating—even track and field, which is beyond hilarious), until I got old enough to realize I probably wasn’t going to go for gold (or silver or bronze.)

Nevertheless, my love for the Olympics has not changed.

This is definitely a playlist to move to. Basically, I made you a workout playlist but instead of calling it a workout playlist (which is boring) we are going to channel our childhood selves and workout as if we are training for gold.

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