Are You Planning To Fail?

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Why Not Wing It

After the last few years, having any plans might still feel foolish. We’ve watched the world seem heartless, seen everything get flipped on its head, and had all-the-plans thrown out the window. But somehow we’ve still managed to show up; proving yet again just how very boss each and every one of you are.

If the past has you feeling averse to plans and goals, we get that. You aren’t alone either. We hear it from bosses every day. “Goal” and “plan” have become dirty words to some. We’d like to offer an alternative view, especially around planning and preparation. Having a plan is all about finding the flexibility to still reach your intentions when the world throws you a curveball. It is knowing who you are, what you want, and understanding that how you make it happen might look different than you originally thought.

Rigidity in method or lack of planning is what will set you up to feel like you have failed. But preparing and staying flexible will leave you thriving. This week we’re bringing you some resources that will help you plan with flexibility and intention. Sounds way better than winging it, don’t ya think?

Dreamin’ and Schemin’

  • Resistance to planning can come from a fear of failure. But when it comes to achieving what you want, success and failure will always be linked. (article)

  • Having a plan is about the big picture or the long game. Learn why this mindset is required if you intend to stick with your business far into the future. (podcast)

  • When was the last time you planned a CEO Day? Learn the why, what, and how of a successful CEO Day. Now is the perfect time to schedule one for mid-year. (article)

  • If you want your plan to be aligned with the stars, look to the astrological events happening this month or consult your tarot cards. (articles)

  • Feeling a bit too scattered to even think about creating a plan of any kind? Give this nature-inspired ritual a try and feel centered again. (article)

In The Works

  • The word “recession” is getting tossed around a lot right now. No one can say for certain if and when a recession will happen but planning for it is the right move. (article)

  • The paid advertising world continues to get flipped on its head. Do you have a plan for a future without cookies because Google doesAnd don’t worry, not the chocolate chip kind! (article)

  • Shopify is planning on a future with Crypto. Announcing a partnership that will allow users to accept more forms of cryptocurrency as payment. (article)

  • Plan on video being a bigger part of Pinterest. The new Pinterest TV Studio app is intended to make it easier for creators to livestream on the platform. (article)

  • Got a plan to grow your product sales? Check out this integration between TikTok and WooCommerce, that allows you to connect TikTok to your WooCommerce store. (article)

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What’s Fresh

  • Instagram went down again last week for some users. Might be a sign that you need a plan to start or nurture your email list. (article + podcast)

  • Communication can be a critical part of executing a plan well. Just ask Grubhub, who saw their “free lunch” plan fall apart. (article)

  • Planning to use TikTok for your biz? Check out this Hubspot guide that outlines how to market, advertise, and create content on TikTok. (guide)

  • Need help with your content creation and planning? This list will help you find the right tools to up-level your content strategy. (article)

How do you plan for maternity leave as a business owner? In this episode, Emily and Eman Ismail, professional email copywriter, discuss the importance of taking time off post-partum. Eman shares her experience preparing for maternity leave and how she eased back into her business afterward.

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