Be Gone, Fraudy Feelings

What we’re brewing over: getting rid of those frauds feelings.

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But First, Are You OK?

Let’s do a little check in, shall we? It seems totally appropriate given the past week. We planned to launch this newsletter with a big, beautiful bang! Then Hurricane Ida hit the South and the Northeast, and California is on fire (again), along with so much more.

Now all we want to know is, are you OK?

We know bosses are spread across the US and world, so if your area has been hit by a natural disaster, hit reply and let us know how you’re doing.

It might also be worth checking out this article on getting relief for your business after a natural disaster. Every little bit helps.

And now that we know 2021 is a total asshole (just like its awful cousin, 2020) we’re going to do our best to muster up some big magic for the rest of Q3 & Q4, starting with some work from the inside out.

F*ck-off Fraudy Feelings. We’ve Got Work to do.

Have you been on the fence about trying out something new for your business? Feeling unsure if you can really pull it off? Well consider this your sign from the Universe to get your ass in gear and GO FOR IT already. Ditch the self-doubt and just start creating, making decisions, moving forward, putting you and your idea out into the world.

Clearly we only have one life to live, so don’t waste one more precious day wondering if you have what it takes. You do, and here’s how to make your head catch up to your heart.

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Million Dollar Mindset. You deserve it and what it will bring you. (podcast)

Ditch perfectionism. It’s keeping you from success. (article)

Inner critic? You might just be realistic, but you’ve got to be able to tell the difference. (video)

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