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Bear or Bull

What animal is handling our money?

Financial Fortitude

It’s been a minute since we released a money edition of Brewed. Maybe that’s because things are flat out weird right now, money-wise. One day you’ll hear about rebounding stock prices and the next you’re trying to figure out what a bear market is. Businesses are hiring and firing. It’s impossible to know whether to be extra frugal and store up for a financial winter or look forward to better days not too far ahead. We’re leaning towards the side of caution and making smart decisions with your money while remaining hopeful that everything will work out in the long run.

That doesn’t mean you should lock away your credit cards and stop spending all together. It means you should take some extra time to evaluate what you should and should not spend money on for your business. Spending money on new tech, hiring, training, or other resources will have a direct impact on your business and is a more sound investment than that shiny office espresso maker you’ve had your eye on. In your personal life, consider prioritizing joy and let your money bunnies (as Emily affectionately calls them) run free occasionally.

However you’re feeling about the current situation of the economy and finances, rest assured, these ebbs and flows are normal and nothing is permanent. Keep scrolling for the latest buzzworthy money news and tips.

Get Busy, Money!

  • Do you do a break-even analysis when making business decisions? It might be time to pull out this practical tool. (article)

  • Are you over Etsy? Check out other marketplaces that you can use to sell your handmade goods. (article)

  • Multiply your income streams and conquer. There are so many ways to repurpose your content to create extra income. (article)

  • If your business has outgrown its SEO plan, it might be time to level up. More web traffic equals more cha-ching! (article)

  • Shopify just released its first all-in-one hand held POS system. So you can do it all without having to pair devices or being stuck behind the checkout counter. (article)

  • And they want to help women-owned businesses learn more about and get loans. (article)

Connect + Grow

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Extra! eXTRA! rEAD aLL abOUT IT!

  • Kim K is in hot water because she failed to disclose that the crypto brand she was touting was paying her. (article)

  • Speaking of crypto, take a look at the biggest scams of 2022 so far. (article)

  • Listen to the nerds, don’t panic over a plummeting stock market. (article)

  • See if any of your favorite retailers are at risk of going out of business this year. (article)

  • The UK quickly pulled back on plans for a tax cut for the wealthy. That was the quickest ‘test and change’ we’ve seen in a minute! (article)

  • Amazon is upping pay for frontline workers by investing over $1 billion dollars in wage increases. (article)

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