Can You Hear It? 🤫

The sound of quiet quitting.


Despite its name, the trend of quiet quitting has been making a lot of noise the last few weeks. Taking off on TikTok and spurring many to share their personal opinions, from questioning how quiet quitting is any different from just having a job to how entrepreneurs can apply the trend to their own work and business. If you missed it, quiet quitting is a push against going above and beyond in your work. The newest take on the conversation of hustle being good or bad.

And that’s just it, this conversation is not necessarily new. It’s been dressed up with a shiny name and made to feel a little rebellious, but it sure sounds like maintaining solid boundaries, routines, and habits to us. 🤷‍♀️ This trend is providing the perfect opportunity to reflect on yours because however you currently feel about quiet quitting will tell you a lot about your own approach to life and work.

This week we’ve got you covered with fresh links and resources to help you dive deeper into this conversation on productivity and striving for more!



  • Before striving for the next big thing, try defining what enough is for yourself. (article)

  • Want to increase sales from your website? These tips will help you optimize for better conversions. (article)

  • Understanding your competition can help you create a strategy to work smarter, not harder. Use these templates to come out on top. (templates)

  • Considering diversifying your income streams to grow? Ask these 5 questions before investing in something new. (article)


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What’s Fresh

  • Megan Markle’s new podcast, Archetypes, premiered and dethroned Joe Rogan for the number 1 spot on Spotify’s charts. (article)

  • QR codes are still feeling the love. Instagram quietly introduced the ability to share posts, reels, tags, and locations through QR codes. (article)

  • Youtube might not be the platform you think of for podcasts, but it is launching a dedicated podcast page that might give Apply & Spotify a challenge. (article)

  • It was revealed that TikTok has been experimenting with a new feed to promote local content. (article)

In this episode, Emily chats with Autumn Witt Boyd, founder of The AWB Firm, about her strategies for building and nurturing relationships as a busy business owner for both personal and professional reasons.

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