Choose Creativity

...and Step Away From Scarcity

Choose Creativity Over Scarcity

Here’s a juicy question for you: What would you create if you had everything you need?

Sometimes we stop ourselves from creating because we feel like we don’t have what we need to make it fly. Underneath all those limiting thoughts lies scarcity. Scarcity is the sneaky little shit sabotaging our imagination and willingness to try new things.

That’s completely understandable given the constant messages we receive about not being or having enough. The thing is: we’ll likely never feel like we have enough. So why let it stop you now? 

You *deserve* to create freely. With that in mind, this week’s collection is designed to do just that — get you creating, even when things don’t feel perfectly lined up. We’ve also got plenty of tools to create with more ease. 

So what are you waiting for? Let’s go!

Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

  • Wouldn’t it be nice to add a little creativity to your daily life? We think so too, here’s how. (article)

  • Go deep + more good ideas for building better connections through convos. (article)

  • You can stand out and get hired more when you create remarkable customer experiences. (podcast)

  • Dress (your package) to impress. Here’s why packaging design matters (and why we love it). (article)

  • Design thinking is all about understanding the people you serve. Sounds like a skill we can all use right? (podcast)

Create With More Ease

  • Production will be a little easier for podcasters with Amazon’s rollout of synced transcripts. (article)

  • Here’s a win for podcasters. Now you can share your content more easily on Facebook and YouTube. (articles)

  • YouTube’s making more big moves, including keeping shoppers on the platform with in-video purchases and hiding that pesky little dislike button. (articles)

  • It’s cold outside but video will continue to heat up with Patreon’s new native video hosting. (article)

  • Tired of the trolls and negativity on social media these days? LinkedIn might just be the refuge you need. (article)

Creating More Money (And Security)

  • Looking for more funding? Take a look at these small business grant opportunities for women and minority entrepreneurs. (article)

  • Whether it’s business or pleasure, it never feels good to be ghosted. Here what to do when your client doesn’t pay up. (article)

  • Expect more changes from Quickbooks as they roll out new desktop features. (article)

  • Cybersecurity affects just about everyone and everything. All the more reason to read these tips on how to keep your business safe from fraud. (article)

  • Speaking of keeping your stuff safe… you might want to consider a non-compete agreement for your business. (article)

  • Feeling fraudy? Fight imposter syndrome with these 4 steps. (article)
If marketing is a struggle in your business, it might be time for you to approach it differently. In this episode of Being Boss, Emily interviews guest Mike Michalowicz, an entrepreneurial strategist and author of the new book, Get Different: Marketing That Can’t Be Ignored.

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