Did You Make A Mistake?

Take a breath and reflect.

Finding THe Lesson

Being able to learn from your mistakes is a very boss habit. It takes being able to reflect on the choices you made and the undesired consequences; determining how or what you’d like to change moving forward. This might sound like common sense but no one enjoys making mistakes or the added frustration they bring. But without doing a little bit of extra work, that is all your mistakes will ever be: an obstacle, a set back, or an inconvenience to your plans.

Finding the lesson in your mistakes doesn’t happen automatically, and many have not mastered the ability of learning from their own mistakes. Self awareness and the effort of reflection must be applied to find the lesson. In the last episode of Mistakes That Made Me, Emily chatted with host Eman Ismail about finding lessons in the mistakes we make in business and how those mistakes can actually lead to some of the best outcomes.

Building a business and life you love is about forging your own path, making your own mistakes, and learning lessons. This week we’ve got you covered with stories and tips to help you along the way.

Making mistakes

  • We all make typos, but has a typo ever cost you big bucks? Crypto.com mistakenly gave a customer $7.2M instead of the $100 refund owed because of a typo. (article)

  • Being a small business owner and making mistakes can bring new challenges, these 3 tips can help you overcome whatever is in your way. (article)

  • Thousands have made the mistake of falling for a recent IG phishing scam, here is what you need to know to avoid it. (article)

  • Sharing what we’ve learned from our mistakes as entrepreneurs and creatives can be a great way to give back to our communities and establish authority with your audience. This video shares 7 lessons that were learned by making mistakes first. (video + article)

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Making Change

  • When it comes to making change and finding success in your business, we can’t recommend adopting this mindset enough. (podcast)

  • ICYMI, Patagonia changed up their ownership structure and further proved you can use your business to make the impact that most matters to you. (article)

  • Changing the ways you make money can open up more possibilities for how you live and work. Learn how one musician diversified revenue streams to make more consistent income and gain stability. (video)

  • The 7-year-old internet sensation, Tariq, may have changed your feelings about corn or at least brought a smile to your face. His 15 minutes of fame is changing his life as well. He was recently named South Dakota’s official Corn-bassador. (article)


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What’s Fresh

In this episode, Emily shares 3 lists you can use for seeing past your daily to-do list and open yourself up to the future. The practice of keeping each of these lists will help you pinpoint what you want to say no to, claim more of the things you want, and name the big accomplishments you want to experience.

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