Do You Stack Up?

Just be yourself, the rest will follow

Your Only Competition

As you’re running along in your own business journey, you’re acutely aware of your own struggles. And at times, those struggles can feel enormous or even impossible. When your day-to-day feels full of friction, it can be easy to look at others and wonder how they seemingly found success overnight. You might ask why you’re not getting the same opportunities, finding biz growth, or breezing through life and work.

Beginning to compare yourself and what you’ve built to those around you is the easiest way to lose focus. Becoming distracted from what’s important to you is a slippery slope. When your eyes are on others, you’ll miss what’s really happening in your business and the wins you should be celebrating. Essentially, you’ll veer off the path you’ve defined for yourself.

When you choose to compete with only yourself, you are truly defining what success looks like for you – and only you. The ability to move your business forward and reach that next level becomes easier if you aren’t getting distracted by a version of success that you don’t even want.

Boss, it might sound cliche but your only true competition is yourself. This week, we’ve gathered up some links to help you step into that and bring your focus back to you.

Stay In The Game

  • What makes you unique? Understanding what you offer to your audience and staying consistent is the key to standing out. (article)

  • Staying focused on your business is necessary to understand when and how you will need to pivot. (article)

  • What is success? Establishing your definition of success will allow you to say no to deals that don’t make sense. (article + podcast)

  • If you are feeling a little friction in your biz, remember getting to the next level requires trusting the process. (article)

  • Friction or conflict isn’t always a bad thing. It can bring you creative magic if you embrace it. (podcast)

Money Moves*

When it comes to deciding what move to make in how you manage the money side of your business, we just want to say that Freshbooks has had over 24 million users and has 4.5 out of 5 stars on GetApp.

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This means something very important: small business owners really love using it, and it might be just the solution you’re looking for to invoice your customers, track your expenses and manage your books.

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Focus On You

  • Let your audience know who you are and put the focus on what makes you different with this easy TikTok trend. (article)

  • Second-guessing who you are? Revisit your values with these journal prompts. (article)

  • Shiny object got your attention? Learn how to prioritize and focus in a way that works for you without trying to keep up with all-the-things. (article)

  • And if things still aren’t going the way you planned, wanting to vent might seem like a solution but without action, it could be harmful. (article)

Level Up With The Clubhouse

Are you at a place in your business where you’re facing new challenges and saying yes to bigger opportunities? The Being Boss Clubhouse is the *place to be* for entrepreneurs who are ready to take the next steps and thrive in their business.

Clubhouse membership includes the added benefits of:

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What’s Fresh

  • They say what goes around comes around. The QR code is back in a big way and here is how you can leverage it in your marketing. (article)

  • A social media drone? Snap is launching Pixy, a drone-powered camera that will record videos and photos for Snapchat. (article)

  • We love a good template. Instagram is testing out Templates, a way to make Reels using formats from other types of posts. (article)
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