Embracing Imperfection

You're human after all

Intentionality + Imperfection

We talk a lot about values here at Being Boss. It is part of everything we teach because, as a boss, values are foundational to how you show up to run your business and lead your life. Your values are a set of tools that can determine the type of clients you accept, influence the team you build, and help you make tough decisions. Your values can then be used to establish a set of intentional rules. And knowing the rules well allows you to break them effectively.

When you truly understand what your values are and why they matter to you, you can get comfortable with stepping outside of the rules they create in order to make the imperfect decisions that yield more significant impact and growth. As Emily shared in this week’s podcast:

We’re going to talk about values, understand what they are, and strive to align with them as much as possible, but we are imperfect humans in an imperfect world and there has to be this gray area that we exist in.” 

As the decision-maker in your business, you are making choices all the time. Remember to give yourself credit for making those intentional decisions and give yourself some slack when things don’t seem perfect. Imperfection is part of life and embracing your own imperfection will allow you to show up with more authenticity, flexibility, and impact.

Imperfect Examples

  • When we think of companies that are following their own values, the ice cream brand Ben & Jerry’s comes to mind pretty quickly. They are proof that no matter what product or service you provide, your values can still help guide your company to success. However, Ben & Jerry’s has had their own share of imperfect decisions and they even share some of these almost scandals on the company’s website. It just goes to show that when it comes to making decisions based on your values, “It’s not about saying the words, it’s about doing the work.” Now that is a statement we can get behind! (video + article)

  • Earlier this year Patagonia made headlines when founder Yvon Chouinard gave away ownership of the company to fight climate change. Patagonia has been working toward Chouinard’s vision that a for-profit business can work for the planet. The move was both praised and criticized but the vision of making an impact on sustainability and the health of our planet from a place of consumerism is the epitome of a plan full of imperfect choices and purpose-driven actions. (articles)

  • The bottom line is that only having good intentions is not enough to make the impact you likely desire or to find success. If you truly want your business to reflect your greater purpose and your values you must take action again and again. And it will be messy at times. And if you need more proof, just take a look at this list of the 100 most purpose-driven businesses in the U.S. as chosen by the general public. We think you’ll find that many of them have been imperfect. (articles)

Protecting Your Biz

While you are in end-of-year review and wrap-up mode, don’t forget to double-check that your business is protected! From legal to technical, here are some things to consider before moving into the new year.

  • As a creative entrepreneur, you likely create something. Whether that thing is a tangible product or an intangible process, getting legal protection for your creative work can be challenging. Shopify breaks down 7 ways you can protect your intellectual property rights. Just know that there are limits, even Mariah Carey can’t claim the “Queen of Christmas.” (articles)

  • Are you using memes in your marketing? All our favorite memes have an origin and that means they could be someone else’s protected intellectual property. So you might want to reconsider repurposing that viral meme on your business accounts. (article)

  • As we increasingly do more and more of our business online, the rate of phishing scams, ransomware, and security breaches seems to grow. Make sure you are taking the right actions to protect your data and documents. (article)


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Understanding what your values are and how to align with them as often as possible in your life and work is an essential part of being boss. But what happens when an opportunity to grow or make a large impact means not being in complete alignment with your values? Erica Courdae and Tasha L. Harrison join Emily in this episode to discuss how you can still show up, make change, and be boss even when you must make imperfect decisions and compromise on total values alignment to move forward.

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