✨ Feelin’ Like We’re Growing

Growing vs Grown (There's a Difference)

Growing vs Grown (There’s a Difference)

As we wait for our morning tea to brew and sit in front of our laptops snuggled up in our sweaters, we’re thinking about growth.

As kids, we hear the word grown-up and often perceive it as a final destination: “One day, I’ll be a grown-up!”

*So young, so naive!*

The irony is, of course, there is no magical day that we suddenly emerge a grown-up. And honestly, if you’re doing life right, you’re never fully grown. Instead, as we get older, we start to understand on a deeper level that we’re all constantly growing and changing. If you’re not, then you’re stagnant (yikes!).

Coincidentally, growth is also a fascinating part of being an entrepreneur. You can and should choose to keep growing and evolving your business and as a business owner. Sometimes growth can look like new projects, products, team members, or clients. That energy can be exciting! Other times growth looks like getting quiet, going within, and deciding to let go of things that don’t serve us or our businesses anymore.

Growth takes on many different forms as an entrepreneur.

…so we’re using this week’s collection to focus on growing ourselves and our businesses.

But before you dive in, we want to share a gentle reminder to be good to yourself during seasons of change and growth.

Remember: there is no final destination, only where we’re at right here and now.

We can only make decisions and choices with the information we have right now — and that’s more than good enough. So, while none of us might feel fully “grown,” it’s nice to know we’re all still, hopefully, growing and evolving ourselves and our businesses for the better.

Just Keep Growing

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Let’s Get Down to Biz-nass

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What’s Fresh?

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