It’s Time to Feel Clear + Confident As a Business Owner

GROW This Year

Rebrands, social media planning, and SEO best practices

Ready, Set, Grow

What do you want out of this new year, boss?

Expansion. Clarity. Impact. Confidence.

In the Being Boss Community, we’ve been settling into our words of the year together. And every year there’s a thread of intentions centered around growing our businesses and getting closer to our dreams. (Along with some wonderfully centered-in-ourselves intentions like self-care, simplicity, and joy – so no shame if you’re in that camp, boss.)

This week we’re sharing some resources around the web for harnessing the potential that 2022 brings. Next week we’ll be back for more of that working-on-myself …

Grow Your Biz

*Affiliate link, but we’re sharing it because we genuinely believe it’ll help you be boss.

Market Like a Boss

  • Gather new testimonials to help you market your business with a fresh take. (article)

  • Breathe new life into your social media planning and make sure your audience knows how to buy you. (article)

  • And if that social media plan needs a budgethere’s a download to help you come in under costs. (resource)

  • Small business can *win* with good SEO, and here are 5 ways to help you out-pace the big dogs. (article)

  • For local businesses, there’s a whole other set of SEO tips for you to help you win out where you are. (article)

  • Making and selling merch on TikTok gives you more content ideas AND more chances to go viral. (article)

  • If your new goal is to increase your YouTube watch timehere’s 5 steps to get you there. (article)

Making Boss Friends

Walking into 2022 hasn’t been filled with as many regained freedoms as many of us hoped, but that doesn’t mean that you have to do this business thing alone, boss.

It may not be vacations and IRL meet-ups yet, but bosses in the Being Boss Community are continuing to connect online to share wins, workshop opportunities, and hang out with folks who get what they do.

If you’re looking for support or networking or a business bestie, it’s as good a time as ever to join us in the Being Boss Community!

Community-level membership is free, with an option to upgrade to the Clubhouse for more events and resources.

What’s Fresh

  • Airtable’s latest round of funding brings its valuation up to $11 BILLION. (article)

  • Resale retail brand Rebag has raised $33M in funding and plans to add more stores in 2022. (article)

  • Your Instagram feed is [mostly] chronological againThank you, Zuck. (article) 
Trying to level up your social media presence this year? In this episode, Emily of Being Boss chats with social media strategist Andréa Jones about the social media trends for 2022.

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