Have a Woo-nderful Time

Magic + self-care tips

The Moon + You

On Monday, the New Moon rose under the sign of Pisces. People born under this water sign are known for their generosity, empathy, and creativity. Which is why now is a great time to reflect and commit to some new personal and business goals. Pisces is always learning and you too can make room for growth by allowing yourself the flexibility to explore. What have you learned from the past season? Have your priorities or values shifted? If so, what projects, people, or experiences are fueling you right now? And how can you get more of what fuels you each day, week, month, or year?

And while Pisces love to care for others, they can tend to forget to care for themselves. So this week we’re also offering you some fresh self-care ideas to help you maintain your energetic balance.

The Stars Align


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  • Feeling stuck– literally? Here’s a guide on how to use stretching and how often to do so to increase your flexibility. (article)

  • Trust your gut. Learn more about your body’s “second brain” and how the brain-gut connection affects your mental and overall health. (article)

  • It might feel like spring where you are, but it’s still technically Winter (in the Northern Hemisphere). And with Winter often comes seasonal depression. If you’re still feeling down, try any of these techniques for caring for yourself when you’re feeling blue. (article)

  • If your sleep is lacking, try adding any of these 13 crystals to your bedroom for better rest. (article)

  • Are you chakra curious? Learn what stones are the best for healing your Chakras and reclaiming your energy. (article)

  • If being Little Miss Perfect is not making you Little Miss Happy, try these 7 ways to practice self-love and say bye-bye to perfectionism. (article)

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What’s Fresh

  • Pinterest increased the length of Idea pins to 5 minutes. (article)

  • The Emoji 15.1 update is coming this September. Get hyped and take a peek at what new emojis you can expect. (article)

  • Unsure about how to use AI-created content on your website? Google recently released guidelines for how to use machine-made content. (article)

  • The job market is better than you think. Unemployment is at a 53-year low and about 500,000 new jobs were created in January. (article)


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