Inflate Your Friend Group

What Jane Goodall and Obama have in common, plus Halloween sneaks, and a modern maker’s guild.

Being In It Together

Hi boss friends! Emily here, excited to pull together this week’s round-up.

I spent the last week hanging with all manner of boss folks at HubSpot’s INBOUND Conference – and as we all know happens post-conference, I’m feeling elated, but also like I have a lot of things that I want to do.

When reflecting on what to share with you from such an inspiring event (which included hearing Q&As with Jane Goodall and Barack Obama), I can’t help but want to bring to you continued encouragement to connect with others.

Because even though Jane and Obama were inspiring in their own rights, it is always the deep conversations with other creators, shakers, and doers that really leave me with so much inspiration and expanded knowledge and understanding of the world… or at least the industries we play in.

So, pardon me while I stay very on brand and encourage you to take some moments this week to schedule a chat with a boss friend or industry acquaintance.

Because, never forget: being boss is being in it together.

But also, you should know that both Jane and Obama both expressed still having a good dose of hope in the world. And, bosses, if they can have it, with all they’ve seen and done, then so can we.

Carry on.

Let’s Connect

  • Building relationships as an adult can be hard to do, but with the right priorities and a genuine interest in making friends, it’s fun. Think… play dates with cocktails! (podcast)

  • What is a business bestie and why do you need one? It’s a pal you can talk shop with, and so much more. (podcast)

  • Once you’ve found your business bestie, how do you make the relationship last? Our best tip: treat these relationships like the investment they are. (article)

  • If you’re feeling judgy or sus about hanging with your industry pals, it might be time to let it go. (podcast)

  • Need to reconnect? Feel free to share this article about what we all need to know about Hocus Pocus 2. It’s relevant to everyone, right? (article)

For The TEAM

  • September has a few deadlines for things like taxes and benefits. Check them out here. (article)

  • If you’re looking to grow your team, make sure your job descriptions are on point. (article)

  • Once they’re hired, onboarding is the secret sauce to ensuring a smooth ride from the beginning, so make sure you’re getting it right, with some practical examples to help. (article)

  • Collaborate with your team more easily with the Teamspace update in Notion, one our favorite tools here at Being Boss. (article)

  • Slack is also making it easier to collaborate (and automate!) with new automation features to help you do even more with less. (article)

  • But Slack loses its ease when it’s overused, so be sure you’re not being one of those over-explained Slack-ers, ok? (article)

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Holidays + Inflation

  • Inflation will affect us all differently, but here’s a sneak peek at how the Inflation Reduction Act will affect us small business owners. (article)

  • Will Halloween win over inflation? Only time will tell, but the trends show that just maybe spooky good things will happen. (article)

  • However, the holidays are already feeling a change due to inflation – folks are shopping earlier than ever. Are you ready? (article)

  • Product bosses should feel a bit more settled as the U.S. Labor Market shows that manufacturing is holding its own, despite the climate. (article)

  • Etsy sellers are making moves to protect themselves by forming a guild – and we absolutely love that kind of community-building. (article)

Emily chats with Megan Flatt, founder of Let’s Collective and Focus Sessions, about how making a pivot in your business can help you find more alignment. They discuss defining the right success metrics for yourself, removing societal should’s from your decision-making, and what inspired Megan’s upcoming Best Week Ever Summit.

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