Innovation Changes Everything

That's a Good Thing

If Necessity is the Mother of Innovation…

Then Change would be Innovation’s twin sister. That’s because with just about every innovation comes more change. Innovation and Change drive business — and competition. This week’s collection proves there’s no shortage of companies innovating to stay at the top of their game.

Whether it’s LinkedIn launching a new freelancing platform or Amazon breaking into audio, these giants aren’t afraid to try new things and take big risks. You shouldn’t be either!

If fear holds you back, we’re including an article on how to think like an innovator. Feeling fearless and ready to stand out from the pack? Below you’ll find tips to overcome a saturated market or switch up your email tactics.

No matter where you’re at in the innovation spectrum, your mind will be blown by the future digital facelifts and an emerging metaverse we may all be a part of one day.

Happy scrolling!

Innovate From the Inside Out

  • Why innovative ideas come from within. (article)

  • 6 ways to stand out when it feels like your market is oversaturated. (article) 

  • Fifty Years, a deep-tech investor, has raised $90 million from tens of “unicorn” founders… does this kind of news freak anyone else out? (article)

  • Watchout Upwork and Fivrr, LinkedIn is coming for ya. This one could be a game changer for freelancers. (article) 

  • Uh -oh… Looks like Facebook’s revenue is taking a hit after Apple iPhone privacy update. (article)

  • This one might make graphic designers happy —> Adobe is launching online versions of Photoshop and Illustrator. Console. (article)

  • Turn the dial: Amazon is getting into the audio game with a new app that turns hosts into radio DJs. (article + audio) 

  • Facebook is also jumping on the audio bandwagon with the launch of an ‘Audio’ hub for podcasts, live audio, and short-form clips. (article)

  • Red Light, Green Light: If you binged on Squid Games you’ll want to check out 3 marketing lessons we can learn from one of Netflix’s hottest series. (article)

You’ve Got Mail

  • It’s been estimated that marketers who send segmented campaigns see as much as a 760% increase in revenue. Give us a piece of that! (article) 

  • We know emails are better with interactive elements like video, gifs, and such— but when should you use them? Try these ideas. (article) 

  • Wish you knew more about your email subscribers? Here’s how to get to know them. (article)

  • Grow your email list with a high-converting sign up form. This one includes examples! (article)

  • Get a look at the data, trends, and innovations shaping the email industry this year —and how they affect your email marketing. (opt-in + download)

What’s Fresh

  • What the hell is the metaverse and how close are we to living in it? Here’s the scoop on the all-digital layer that may be closer than you think. (article)

  • Have you been accused of RBF (resting bitch face)? Don’t worry, we actually don’t care if you smile or not but if you want a digital facelift Adobe’s got you covered. (video)
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