Leave Your Mark

Nail your marketing and process self-doubt.

Promote Your Best Self

Maybe you don’t immediately sense the connection between marketing and those dreaded fraudy feelings, but it can be hard to market your business, product, or services if you’re experiencing doubt and uncertainty.

What’s most important for both conquering imposter syndrome and completing a kickass marketing plan is that you don’t give up.

At Being Boss, we love to talk about fraudy feelings and the mindset shifts you can make to move past them. If you want your marketing to be aligned with your brand and values, you will have to face those feelings head on.

Do you want your marketing to loudly and proudly proclaim how great your products or services are? Do you want to leave your mark on the world?

You bet you do! And even if you’re still feeling insecure, you can create authentic marketing that reflects how amazing you are, boss.

Happy scrolling!

Make an Impression With Your Marketing

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  • Showstopping hooks can be a part of all content, like blogs, newsletters, social posts – you name it! Borrow these 4 effective hooks. (article)

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Be Your Own SEO Pro

These days, if you have a business, it’s almost guaranteed that you have a website. And that website requires maintenance to perform its best – and we’re not just talking about the design and functionality.

If you want to increase traffic (and leads), your website needs consistent SEO audits and updates as well. It can be the difference between being seen and being left in the dark.

Ahref’s FREE Webmaster Tools make it easier than ever to audit your site and identify ways to get your page ranking higher!

It’s just one more little way to help your website work smarter for your biz.

*This is sponsored by our friends at Ahrefs.

If It Doesn’t Serve You, Let It Go

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  • For the boss with a 9-5, Linkedin just added 13 new ways to describe an employment gap. (And we think they show real growth in navigating this new world.) (article)

  • What’s stealing your joy and making you feel *less than*? How about you take a break from comparing your business and yourself to others. (article + video)

  • You know what makes us feel boss? Creating a workspace that just feels right and is sustainable. Here’s a list of sustainable desks to get you started. (article)


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