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Marketing: The Lowdown

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Trial, Error, & Success

Boss, your business and the work you do says so much about Y-O-U and your values. Shouldn’t your marketing do the same? Let’s face it, there will always be a new marketing trend that might tempt you to jump on board. Sometimes they are the missing piece you have been looking for and they feel perfectly aligned with your brand. Others just don’t work and feel like an uncomfortable piece of clothing that doesn’t belong in your metaphorical marketing closet. So try that new thing! Just remember to pause to reflect and redirect your energy into making marketing content that feels authentic and GOOD to you.

This week’s links are all about marketing your genius – that thing that makes you and your brand(s) shine! We’re talking practical advice, real-life examples of effective marketing, and what to do if you love, hate, or fall somewhere in between with social media.

Your Youiest You

  • Do you like colorful language? If you answered, “Hell yes!” it might keep you from using Google Ads. How one company stuck by its Bad Ass name and won at marketing. (article)

  • Location, location, location. Strategies you can use today to make a big splash with your local small business. (podcast + transcript)

  • Hubspot wants to help you increase your organic traffic by improving your copywriting skills. (video)

  • How to get it right when your brand takes a stand. (article)

  • Are we on the same page? Calculate and analyze your conversion rates to know if your audience is picking up what you’re putting down. (article)


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Love/Hate: Social Media Marketing

  • ❤️ Are you ready to embrace your inner movie star? If you find Instagram’s Reels to be intimidating, click here for a quick dose of encouragement. (article)

  • ❤️ Your fans can now use tags to link directly to your product page in the Instagram shopping tab. Word of mouth marketing just got easier. (article)

  • ❤️ Engage with your TikTok followers like never before with new interactive add-ons. Read about which options come standard and which ones are a little more premium. (article)

  • ❤️ Enjoying TikTok but not feeling inspired when it comes to making content? Check out these 6 trends to keep you going. (article)

  • 💔 Are you worried about the negative effects of social media? Your fears are not unfounded. The full extent of the harmful content Facebook’s algorithm mistakenly promoted over the course of 6 months is still being investigated. (article)

  • 💔 If you’re ready to break up with social, don’t think of the time you spent honing your online presence as a mistake. Export special memories, acknowledge your wins, and carry the lessons you learned with you into your next endeavor. (article)

  • 💔 “We were on a break!” If you’re not ready to disconnect 100%, use this guide to recognize your social media habits and make a plan to renegotiate your techy relationship. (article)

  • 💔 It feels like social has always been a part of marketing, but a lot of us still remember when it wasn’t. How to reach customers without relying largely on social media. (video)

What’s Fresh

  • Marketing by drone? That’s exactly what Nike is doing to promote the Air Max sneaker. (article + video)

  • Amazon seems to be doing it all lately. Their next move? Maybe social media. (article)

  • Reach more people with an accessible website. Access Guide makes it easy to spot areas of your site you need to update like yesterday. (website)

  • Nobody will confuse their bag with yours when you travel with Taco Bell’s latest piece of marketing collateral– luggage. (article)

  • Keep your big updates top of mind and at the top of your Instagram feed. (article)
A sense of urgency can be good in some situations, but operating a business in constant hustle mode isn’t healthy. In this episode, Emily of Being Boss talks with Erica Courdae about releasing the belief that everything is urgent. They share insightful tips on handling conflict, why it’s okay to be wrong sometimes, and how to respond instead of react as a brand or business owner.

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