Money, Honey

Inflation, deals, and retail… oh my!

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Don’t Forget *Your* Money

Inflation, record-breaking deals, and the “return” of retail… it’s easy to see it’s time for an email all about money, boss.

And not to simply give you the view from the boss lens, but this week we also want to help you find a little bit of peace around the topic of finances.

Because with everything that’s going on in the world, it’s easy to forget to bring your focus back home to yourself, to your business, to your family, and – for the purpose of this email – to your own bank account.

Don’t let the world distract you from working towards your goals. Don’t let it keep you from believing that you’ve got this.
Keep taking the steps towards your version of success.

Because we’ll tell ya: Rihanna certainly is. And Britney. And this blockbuster move by Brandon Sanderson. Let their stories stoke your fire.

And we tell you this not to encourage you to turn a blind eye to where you’re needed *out there*, but to support you in finding the space to hold the big vision and the daily work, too.

Because, as you’ll see – if retail can make it through the past two years and come back vying for attention, you and your bank account can surely continue making little steps in the right direction.

Money + Your Biz

  • Let’s start by kicking money fear. Then we can move on from there. (video + article)

  • Inflation is real real right now, in case you’re living in a cave. Here are 7 ways small business owners can cope with it. (article)

  • If you take appointments in your business, you might be losing money. Here’s an idea: don’t. (article)

  • Pay yourself. Period. If that’s a struggle, start with monthly payouts. (article)

A Restoration of Retail

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