Money + Marketing

You can't have one without the other.

A Business Duo For Growth

Money and marketing are two areas that bosses often struggle with in their businesses. But besides that commonality, they typically aren’t thought of together. How often are you thinking about your P&L while you plan out a month of social media content?

The reality is that both money and marketing are really about the same thing when it comes to business – how you currently earn money and how you grow your company and its value. No matter what tactics you choose, marketing is how you will attract new customers and will impact how much revenue you make. Your business finances or money metrics show the effects of your marketing and can also determine how robust your marketing efforts can be.

They will forever be closely linked, informing one another about the health of your business. Keeping that in mind, we’re bringing you some fresh links with a look at marketing trends, financial stats, and tools. 

Marketing Trends + Tactics

  • Staying on top of marketing trends can help stay relevant with your target audience. Here are 10 trends you might want to experiment with in 2023. (article)

  • Trying to win on Instagram means dealing with an ever-changing algorithm. Check out these tips for creating an algorithm-friendly strategy and understanding what content works. (article)

  • Want to grow your email marketing list this year? Here are 10 ideas for promoting your newsletter and getting more subscribers. (article)

  • How can you drive more traffic and quality leads to your website? You likely already know that an SEO strategy can generate more website traffic, but focusing on this one tactic could bring you big wins. (video)

  • Support your organic traffic with some moolah. If you’re focusing on keywords to capture new customers, SEO isn’t your only option. Learn the benefits of supporting your long-term organic efforts with a pay-per-click campaign. (article)


  • Fear of a recession hasn’t stopped people from making the leap to start their own businesses. Last year over 5 million new businesses were registered in the US and nearly half of all US employees are employed with a small business. (articles)

  • Layoffs in the global tech industry continue to rise with more than 55,000 layoffs reported in the first few weeks of the year, including employees from both Google and Spotify. (articles)

  • While the financial landscape continues to look uncertain, how can you protect your business? Avoid major financial upheaval by learning about financial risk and how to mitigate it. (article)

  • If balancing the cash flow in your business is top of mind, check out these tips for negotiating vendor payment terms to gain some breathing room. (article)

  • Is your business healthy? Keeping an accurate and up-to-date balance sheet can help you evaluate the financial health of your business quickly. (article)

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What’s Fresh

  • As an example of staying on top of marketing trends, we loved seeing this fun twist on using AI in marketing from Mint Mobile and Ryan Reynolds. (article)

  • Is TikTok getting the boot? There have been conversations in the US about TikTok being banned on government phones, certain campuses, and more. Now the EU is warning TikTok to adhere to laws and regulations or face a regional ban. (article)

  • A quiet launch. Instagram launched a new quiet mode or do not disturb setting inside the app. It will allow you to turn off notifications and send an auto-reply to DMs. (article)

  • From making millions to filing for bankruptcy, Sophia Amoruso has had a rollercoaster of an entrepreneurial journey. Now, she is launching a venture firm called Trust Fund looking to back digital consumer companies. (article)


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