Rethinking Creativity In Business

Using creative hacks to your advantage

You Are Creative

Guess what? You’re a creator.

Whether you believe it or not, there’s a certain level of creativity it takes to run a business— even if you don’t view your expertise as “artsy”. Maybe you’re an avid artist; maybe you’ve been told you don’t have a creative bone in your body. Wherever you exist on the creative spectrum, it’s in you.

Many people assume creativity means colors, designs, and the ability to make good-looking pieces of work. While those things do apply to creation, they aren’t everything. There are always methods to creatively optimize your business. It’s not all strategy 24/7.

Any act of using your skills or knowledge to improve (or produce) something is an act of creation. Even the simple act of making decisions— one after the other— makes you an artist in your life. Creation isn’t black or white. Everyone uses different tools to generate meaningful results.

In business, it can be easy to get so caught up in production and management that the spark of creativity grows dim. How can you rekindle inspiration, heed new opportunities, and leverage creative genius (both your own and that of others)? Here are some examples and noteworthy insights for using all things “creative” to benefit your biz and the world.

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Creator Mode: On

  • Gary V encourages a creative perspective by demanding a serious cutback on “dwell time”, which is the amount of time spent ruminating on defeats and doubts. (article + video)

  • Routine is key to sustainable creativity, so consider some of these tips on how creatives start and end their day to avoid burnout. (article)

  • Aesthetics are everything when selling products online. Here are some of the top creative eCommerce photography tips to set up your site for success. (guide)

  • You can post content all day long, but knowing how to creatively harness social media algorithms can seriously improve your marketing efforts. (article)

  • TikTok, YouTube, or both? Learn which video content platform might be best for your business. (video)

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This Takes The (Creative) Cake

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What’s Fresh

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Are authors business owners? It depends on who you ask. In this episode, Emily of Being Boss talks with self-published author Tasha L. Harrison on what it takes to make book authoring a legitimate business. They discuss publishing, the benefit of writer groups, and how to turn a writing hobby into a career. Plus, Tasha shares about knowing your audience, setting boundaries, and important mindset shifts for aspiring authors.

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