Steal Bases and Dress to Impress

Plus, Insta Worthy Ideas for Some Standout Marketing

You Sure You Want to Wear That on Camera?

Tired of the same old boring marketing advice? Well, we’ve got some fun ideas for you this week, including why you might want a signature outfit for your marketing visuals. Oh, we love it when work/life blend = shopping for clothes.

Speaking of fun marketing ideas… have you seen Taco Bell’s latest campaign? If nothing else, we appreciate how they can bring two totally irrelevant things together in the name of self-promotion and fun.

The lesson? Think outside the box, boss. While keeping up with doing the basics well, of course.

Speaking of keeping up with the basics, there’s an entire selection below dedicated to Instagram. They’ve been wowing with new features and we’re sharing the deets below.

Happy scrolling!

Marketing Ideas That Don’t Suck

  • Did you know: for many brands the period between Thanksgiving and New Years’ accounts for as much as 15-25% of their annual revenue? All the more reason to check out these holiday marketing tips.  (article)
  • When it comes to marketing plans, complex is not always better. A good marketing plan should help you make better decisions, generate business, and be something you can actually implement. (article)
  • One piece of content, 10 ways? Sounds good to us! (article + video)
  • The press is still a powerful way to gain visibility for your business. Here’s how to make it as easy as possible for reporters to tell your story. (article)
  • Apple’s system to tell on creepy apps just arrived in beta. We can’t tell if that’s a good or bad thing. (article)

On the Gram

  • If you love repurposing content, you’ll looovvvee Instagram Guides.   (article + video)
  • Well, that took forever. Instagram is finally letting everyone post pictures from the desktop. (article)

What’s Fresh

Kathleen is BACK for a quick storytime on… chopping firewood?! Along with a deep dive on defining and attracting more of your dream customers.

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