The Music of Marketing

Keep the Beat

Keep the Beat

When you stop to think about it, marketing is a little like music. Like any good song, marketing needs a strong beat for your audience to follow. Keep that beat up consistently enough, and you will eventually find a groove that attracts people to your metaphorical dance floor.  So how do we do it? How do we find a consistent drumbeat to our marketing so that we show up day after day, week after week, month after month?

That’s the question leading this week’s collection of marketing articles. As you scroll through articles, think to yourself, “What are the tools, mindsets, or support I need to keep my marketing drumbeat consistent?” Most answers come from doing vs. overthinking, so in the spirit of taking action, let’s jump into this week’s collection to see how you can play on and keep the marketing beat.

Consistency is the Name of the Game

Psssttt. Wanna know the secret to staying consistent? Check this one out. (podcast)

Get out of your head and start moving. Here are 3 things you can totally do on social media today.(article)

Forget the likes and follows, we want a strategy that sells. (article)

Tools of the Trade

Video is growing exponentially, whether it’s TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube. If you have an itch to hit record, your business can grow too. (article)

Speaking of video…Google wants in on our TikTok and Insta vids. (article)

Brrrr, did you feel that? Instagram recently put their kid version ‘on ice’ after some major backlash. (article)

Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection started this fall. Here’s what that means for your email marketing. (article)

Facebook’s less than thrilled about Apple’s aforementioned email change, so they’re going on the offense with their advertising. (article)

Is SEO still relevant in 2021 (or 2022)? Absolutely. Look for these trends on the rise. (article)

If the very thought of SEO leaves you in a state of overwhelm, try starting with the basics. (article)

9 in 10 creators want a new community platform. (article)

So, it’s no surprise Podia has a new community feature to keep your peeps on one platform. (video)

Congrats! You’ve wowed your clients with your first delivery. Here’s how to win back their business again and again and again. (article)

Looking for more consistent cash flow? Maybe it’s time to productize for passive income. (article)

RIP IGTVWe hardly knew ye. (article)

At Being Boss

We could all use a little deep breath while running a business these days. But something that can have a huge positive impact on our everyday lives is breathwork meditation. In this episode, Emily chats with Amy Kuretsky, a breathwork facilitator and acupuncturist for business owners, on how to use the breath for clarity, and creativity. They discuss the benefits of breathwork, what it does for our well-being, and how to get started with breathwork in a safe, stress-relieving way.

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