Simply put: podcasting has changed my life and business. For the better.

When I emailed Kathleen 18 months ago and told her that I wanted to start a podcast with her, I also told her that podcasts were the future, and that it would make us famous. I wasn’t wrong.

Now that we’re a year-and-a-half into it, I can look back and really see the changes that have happened in what really is a short amount of time—to both the business that I set out to support with creating a podcast, and also in how my life operates around the businesses that I run. And those changes are massive. Let me share:

1 – Diversified income.

When we all start out doing business online, we usually begin with a single stream of income, and it’s usually one-on-one services or selling a product.

This is all great and good until you need to take a week off for vacation. When all of your money is directly tied to you actually being there directly doing the work, when you’re not working you’re not making money—that can hurt.

Podcasting has given me new avenues for bringing in money, from sponsorships and affiliates to developing a paid community and leveraging myself for speaking opportunities. These are avenues that aren’t necessarily tied to the direct number of hours that I am working in a week.

No longer is my online business based solely on a single stream of time-based income. Instead, I have a diverse selection of income streams that helps me find stability in running a business online.

And that stability—hungered for by every online business owner I’ve ever met—has created a shift in my mindset of life and work that gives me freedom to more easily focus my energy on where I want it to be, and less on where it has to be for me to pay my next mortgage payment. Hello, freedom.

2 – A fast-growing, tight-knit community.

The blogging world is changing. Social media platforms are changing. The way people connect online is changing. And, at least at the moment, the spotlight is on podcasts for being a place where people consume their content and connect with thought-leaders.

In 6+ years of doing business online, I have never had a platform gain me the kind of traction that podcasting has, and because of the these-are-the-words-from-my-mouth style in which podcasting content gets delivered to my listeners, it’s caused a veracious growth in a hungry community who are here to support what Kathleen and I are doing—as well as each other—in their missions to build online businesses doing work that they’re passionate about.

Our community is what drives us forward, and I’m so grateful for it. I have found many of my own business besties in the community that we’re creating, and I see the same connections going on between other bosses on the daily. This is what we’re here for—it’s the fuel that keeps us going.

3 – An easily systematized business.

As a creative who found her success online by offering one-on-one web design services, I am absolutely familiar with the woes that come from trying to systemize your business in order to delegate tasks to a team, while still having your clients wrestle to deal with only you every step of the way.

Though a stern hand and lots of practice can absolutely get a lot of your creative business delegated, systemizing and delegating the parts of podcasting has been a gazillion times easier than any part of any business that I have ever run. If you don’t want to edit your own audio, or manage your own social media, or schedule your own guests in your venture of podcasting, there are pros that will handle it all for you, and no one cares. You’re job can literally be to just show up, hit record, and say what you’re here to say.

Finally having a part of my business that really strives on pairing it down to focus on what I’m best at is only going to do great things for the quality of content and experience we’re able to give you—and an easily systematized and delegated process is the dream of any entrepreneur.

4 – More freedom to live what I love.

As I wind down my own one-on-one work to focus on the business of Being Boss (follow along with my own journey here), shifting my focus to the world of podcasting and creating badass digital products, I am feeling the effects of having a really diversified income stream that isn’t based on one-on-one projects, but also loving that it’s doing a great job bringing people into the products and services I already offer,

Podcasting has proven to me to be an affective marketing and content tool that allows to me worry less about booking the next project, and focus more on showing up to do what I’m here to do with the most impact, so I can get back to living the life that I’m here to live.

When you can create digital products that serve the masses (something I know a lot of you dream to do) or really just sit back and do the work that you’re here to do, and support it with a high-impact content avenue that can be easily delegated out so that you just have to show up and talk, then you’re working with a system that allows you to work smarter, not harder. And that, folks, is what dreams are made of.

For you, maybe one-on-one work is where you want to stay, and podcasting can give you a marketing outlet to focus in on delivering a new kind of expertise-proving content to build for you a base of hungry fans.

Or, maybe you’re like me and want to move away from one-on-one work to focus on creating digital products.

Or maybe you just want more speaking gigs, a new medium for sharing your message, or a place to interview people who you think are awesome.

Whichever you choose, podcasting could get you there.

Join Kathleen and me, along with our podcasting cohorts Jason Zook and Paul Jarvis from Invisible Office Hours, to learn all about how to Podcast Like a Boss.

Emily is the co-host of Being Boss Podcast, helping creative entrepreneurs learn how to run their own creative business with the tough love they need to hear to do the work. She also owns Almanac Supply Co., a maker and retail business focused on creating and curating items to help you live closely with nature, based in Chattanooga, Tennessee.