Behind the scenes here at Being Boss, we’ve been filling up our podcast editorial calendar so we can plan out launches, marketing, webinars, and newsletters ahead of time—all while gearing up to finish our Being Boss book.

But even with so much preparation, we find that sometimes our guests feel a little nervous. What can I do to prepare for the interview?

So we decided to share our tips on how you can be a great podcast guest on ANY podcast:


The podcast host may or may not send you questions or topics ahead of time, but here’s the deal: many podcasts focus on having candid conversations with their guests—that’s what their listeners want to hear! However, as a guest about to jump on a podcast, we know that just showing up for a conversation can be a little nerve-wracking.

What if I trip over my words?

What if I sound like an idiot?

What if I forget the name of the new course I’m launching?

So if that’s your fear, we suggest doing a little bit of prep ahead of time:

  • Bullet out a few things you might want to talk about on your end
  • Some good, mic drop phrases you feel hit home what you have to offer (practice saying these out loud a few times so it sounds natural, not scripted)
  • List out some of your best blog posts or products so you can easily reference them if they’re applicable in the conversation

BUT keep in mind that these things you prepare are just a safety blanket. This is just to get it all out in front of you so you don’t feel frazzled when it comes to the interview. If you don’t talk about everything you wrote down—it’s totally okay.

The more human you come across, the better. Think of it this way: a podcast is just a conversation—it just happens to be recorded.


You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Say what you always say. That’s good branding.

Keep in mind that you are likely tapping into a new audience. Sure there may be some crossover, but many of the listeners of the podcast probably have never heard of you before. Plus, it takes multiple times of hearing something before it truly sinks in.


Be smart about where the air date of your podcast episode falls—especially if it’s a big deal podcast—but don’t force a whole launch around it.

Think of it this way: Being a podcast guest is planting seeds in a new audience.

If these people have never heard of you before, they’re likely not going to be chomping at the bit to buy your new service anyway—even if you have a stellar interview.

What they will do is sign up for your newsletter or follow you on Instagram or check out your website and read a couple of your blog posts.

Think of your guest episode as the top of your sales funnel—right on par with free worksheet opt-ins. These are brand new audience members that you need to nurture before you make that hard sell.

If your episode happens to air within your launch week, great! Otherwise, simply think of it as a valuable, evergreen, top-of-sales-funnel tool.



And remember, before you try to pitch a podcast to be on the show, make sure you gain an understanding of their audience. Do they like serious, professional conversations? Or do they enjoy a good non-related side story? Is there a topic the hosts bring up repeatedly that you can shed some light on? How does what you offer relate to this particular audience?

A little bit of preparation can go a long way for any podcast interview and take your episode from being pretty good to being a fan favorite.


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