Why You Want Business Newsletters In Your Inbox

If you are a huge fan of inbox-zero, business newsletters might not be what you would describe as essential. But as a small business owner, staying informed on current news, social matters and industry trends is important. Being an entrepreneur means being a life-long learner. You have problems to solve, clients to help and a business to run – all in an ever-evolving landscape. Having your finger on the pulse is key to not only your personal growth but your business growth as well. 

With so many sources for content and information, it can be hard to know where to start. Finding the sources that are right for you and your business can take a lot of time. Add in the amount of time you are already spending on social media and you might feel like all you do is consume content. 

Understanding your limitations is important. You’ll never be able to stay on top of everything and acceptance is key. Curating the sources you read or consume is a great place to start. So you can stay informed and also keep your sanity.

Enter the curated business newsletter 

You might be rolling your eyes at the thought of receiving another email in your already very cluttered inbox. Email newsletters might be an OG player when it comes to publishing internet content. But they’re enjoying a resurgence right now and with good reason. 

Expertly curated news, trends and updates can show up right in your inbox. Removing some of the decision fatigue you face as a business owner. And giving you some extra time and attention back in your day. The information collected by a wide variety of experts is perfect for keeping your finger on the pulse of any industry. Or even sharing with your audience via social media or your own newsletter. The best part is that you can choose the experts you allow into your inbox.

Simply pick the newsletters that are right for you and your business to show up in your inbox. Then you’ll have the perfect information download at your fingertips with no additional effort on your part! Newsletters are continuing to rise in favor. So, you have plenty of options from across a diverse spectrum of topics. To get you started, we’ve sorted through some of our favorites. We’ve included some of the most recommended business newsletters across the internet to bring you this list of must-read options. 

Remember: It is good to know your limitations! Sign up for 1 to 3 newsletters that you feel will fill your knowledge gaps. If you sign up for this whole list at once, you might have a case of inbox overwhelm and regret.


  1. Brewed
  2. The Hustle
  3. The Broadsheet
  4. Wondertools
  5. Sunday Brain Food
  6. Hurry Slowly
  7. 1440
  8. Gusto’s SMB Newsletter

Brewed By Being Boss

We might be a bit biased about this one. Brewed is our very own business weekly subscription. The team curates mindset, money, and productivity resources. Helping you build your dream business from your inbox. We’ll drop a collection of links to you weekly including articles, podcasts, and guides. Along with hot takes on current events, common boss struggles and more.

Frequency: Weekly

Where To Subscribe: Brewed

The Hustle

The Hustle showed up over and over again in business newsletter recommendations. Delivering a daily round up of the latest news in business, startups and tech. Sunday editions provide more of a deep dive on business with featured founders, case studies, and trends. And they do it all with a straightforward and sometimes entertaining tone. If you enjoy a pun or two, this one’s for you.

Frequency: Daily

Where To Subscribe: The Hustle

The Broadsheet

Run by Fortune and born out of the fact that business and financial news often skews male. The Broadsheet rounds up news from the world of business. With a focus on “the world’s most powerful women.” And we can definitely get behind that.

Frequency: Daily

Where To Subscribe: The Broadsheet


Are you always on the hunt for that next tool or app? Or the resource that you could implement to make your work more enjoyable? Then you want to subscribe to Wondertools. This business newsletter brings you a look at new sites, apps and other online services. Including how a tool could be useful and what you could use it for. Highlights include examples, screenshots and use-cases all from an independent perspective.

Frequency: Weekly

Where To Subscribe: Wondertools

Sunday Brain Food

This weekly business subscription delivers timeless insights. And ideas that you can apply to your work and life. Developed by the team at Farnam Street and centered on intentionally gathered advice. If you love to learn and consider yourself a lifelong student, Sunday Brain Food will help you take your knowledge to the next level.

Frequency: Weekly

Where To Subscribe: Sunday Brain Food

Hurry Slowly

Sending you smart and actionable ideas, this twice a month newsletter will help you be more creative and resilient. Jocelyn K. Glei, who also hosts the eponymous podcast, offers fresh and interesting insights in every edition.

Frequency: Bi-monthly

Where To Subscribe: Hurry Slowly


Need a full overview of what is happening in the world? Then you might enjoy this life, news, and business newsletter. Scouring over 100 sources to bring you a daily 5-minute read. 1440 brings you the latest on culture, science, sports, politics, business and more. Featuring an impartial view so that you can form your own conclusion. 

Frequency: Daily

Where To Subscribe: 1440

Gusto’s Small Business Newsletter

We love Gusto as a platform for payroll and benefits. They make it easy to take care of some of the more complicated parts of running your business. Likewise, their bi-monthly newsletter gathers helpful news, tools, and info to help keep you business compliant. Including information about policy updates, complicated legislation, and SMB relief options. With exclusive guidance from industry experts and analysis of the latest small business news, Gusto’s newsletter is one you’ll want to check out.

Frequency: Bi-monthly

Where To Subscribe: Gusto’s SMB Newsletter

Business Newsletter Benefits and Perks

We know that spending time in your inbox isn’t anyone’s favorite task. The goal is to focus on quality over quantity and let the experts do the work for you! When you can get relevant news, trends and resources in your inbox without doing any work, that sounds like a power move to us. All it takes is a minute or 2 to curate what you’re subscribed to. We hope that you’ll give these business newsletters a shot and find that your inbox can be a great source of inspiration. 

If you are really enjoying the content that is showing up in your inbox from your business newsletters, you may want to share them with a business bestie or friend. The extra upside to this is that many newsletters offer fun digital and physical rewards when you refer others. 

Here at Being Boss, when you share Brewed with your personal link, you can stack up rewards! When you refer a friend, they gain access to Brewed and you can earn everything from exclusive digital downloads, stickers, a coffee mug, and more.

Corinne Preston is the Content Production Manager at Being Boss. With a background as a graphic designer and creative director, she is driven by a passion to learn, explore, and make.