Boss life is big and amazing, along with terrifying and confusing—usually within a few moments of each other. The highs and lows of offering yourself to the world—your creations, your heart, your words—can be overwhelming. But you HAVE to do it because no one else is capable, by a long shot, of offering YOUR goodness to the world.

The world needs you. The world needs what you are doing. The world is desperate for people with the courage to lead, write, speak, and make from their deepest center.

But how do we keep our center centered? How do we even remember what lights up our soul when being boss spins wildly out of control? What if the answer is right under our nose? What if it’s free and available 24/7? Does the fact we don’t have to sacrifice our money, or even much time, devalue its immense importance?

Your breath is the path back to your calm center and the passkey to stepping away from stress, tension, and anxiety. I’ve been fascinated with the power of our breath in recent years. Research shows breath being a key contributing factor in brain health, decreased inflammation, weight loss, boosted immune systems, along with a myriad of other positives.

The 4-7-8 breath pattern has supported, energized, and offered clarity of purpose to my gorgeous clients time and time again.

Give yourself five minutes to return to your center:

Find a place to settle, either in a chair or maybe lying down.

Begin by taking a few natural, effortless breaths.

Now simply move your awareness to your breath. Noticing your inhales and exhales. Changing nothing, bring your awareness back to your breath, again and again. How are you breathing? Deep, shallow, frustrated, bored, peacefully? No judgment and no changes, just noticing.

Let your shoulders soften on your next exhale.

Begin the 4-7-8 breath pattern by inhaling through your nose for a count of 4.

Hold your breath in at the top for a count of 7.

Exhale through your mouth for a count of 8.

Repeat at least five times.

When you have gotten all you need from this breath pattern, return to your natural effortless breath. Notice how your body feels. Notice the quality of your thoughts. Awareness is transformative.


Remembering always: your exhale is another’s inhale. Exhale with peace, love, and goodness all the time.

Deep blessings on returning to your centered boss life. Thank you for having the courage to offer yourself to our world.

With all of my love, Tisha.


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Tisha Tate is a yoga teacher and speaker who holds space for people to slow down, let go, and come home to themselves through breath, movement, and inspiration. Tisha’s own empowering journey is marked by losing over 100 pounds. Motivated to share the experience of feeling good with others, she brings her inclusive philosophy of “yoga for everyone and every body” to her public yoga classes and busy private practice. Tisha finds deep joy in serving others, and deep connection in her travels around the world (her lifelong passion!). These inspirations are why she founded Experience Local Goodness: a growing community of people doing good and feeling good in their communities through meaningful movement. You can learn more about working with Tisha or see a schedule of her classes at