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As Above, So Below

Magical mindsets and star alignment.

You’ve Got The Power

As above, so below. This Hermetic principle acts as a brief summation of the relationship between ourselves and our manifestations, life inside us and outside of us, and infinite similar parallels within the seen and unseen worlds.

Welcome to deep October, bosses. The witch is in.

Emily here, and every October we very intentionally dive into the spiritual side of being modern creatives and doing business – and for each of you who would rather us not, there are two of you who want nothing more than for us to give you more.

So, above and below. If you haven’t drawn these parallels yet between yourself and your creations, your life and your work, your home and your office… then open up your all-seeing eyes, my friends, and behold.

When I talk about mindset, boundaries, habits, and routines, I always dress it up in practical business, but I’m also always digging into the energetics and cause-and-effect nature of things we can’t always see.

When you’re taking care of your health, your business follows.
When you’re keeping your space tidy, your mind follows.
When you’re taking care of your relationships, your bank account follows.

There’s not always a direct correlation, but where’s the magic in that?

Instead, there’s trust. There’s showing up and doing the work. There’s working with intention. There’s being open to what you never could have imagined.

And there’s reveling in the magic that is creativity, awareness, and the tricksy anima mundi (soul of the world) all around us.

So as we enter into the darkest time of the year, resign yourself to sit back and watch. See, with all of your senses. Observe the correlations you’ve maybe been missing. Learn to work your magic.

Because if you’re here creating, boss, you’ve got the power – you just have to learn to wield it.

Below you’ll find my woo round-up to get you in the mood for even the most subtle magic. And, of course, Happy Halloween.

Mindset + Practices

  • Handwriting is magic, as we’ve mentioned before. But it’s also scientifically proven to help you better remember what you write, and could be just the trick for exploring your values. (article)

  • Real magic begins with believing in magic. And doing magic begins with believing in yourself, even when it’s hard. (article + video)

  • Developing your intuition is an ongoing practice. Here’s a weekly tarot spread to help you develop yours. (article)

  • Work on your capacity for abundance with 2 money tarot spreads for opening you up to success. (article)

  • We all need mantras… it’s a good thing there’s one for basically everything. (article)

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