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The work pays off.

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Let’s See It Through

This Friday marks the end of September and the end of Q3! If you’ve been here a while, you know what that means, boss. It’s time for our quarterly round up of the top links of the quarter. You’ll find the most popular articles, podcast episodes, videos, right here.

Over the last 3 months, we’ve noticed a theme– perseverance. You want to keep going. You want to keep showing up and doing the work. You want to take care of your business and yourself so you can keep living the life you chose. You’ve taken everything this year has thrown at you so far and kept on rolling. Cheers to you!

So buckle up, we’re taking a virtual road trip through the resources that kept you moving these past few months.


  • You might be suffering from burnout, if you perused this article about how to prevent burnout. We hope it convinced you to give yourself the break you needed. (article)

  • If it didn’t, these 7 tips that just might do the trick and get you to finally book that vacation. (article)

  • Ready-made Google sheet templates for your business needs were a hot commodity this quarter. (free download)

  • Time boxing? Isn’t that just time blocking? This one caught the eye of many curious bosses looking for productivity hacks. (article)

  • Being smart with your money was at the top of your bucket list. It’s not too late to start chipping away at your goal. (podcast + video)

  • Innovation is key to running a successful business. Learn how to focus your creativity to develop new ideas and solutions to problems. (article)

  • Whether you were hoping to start a new business or just curious about the latest tools, plenty of you clicked on this link. (article)

  • It always comes back to marketing. Check out these 3 methods your peers were keen on. (article)

  • Without a foundation of trust, your client relationships can fall flat. Here’s 3 things you can try to pump up your trust building skills. (article)

  • You’re no fool, learn about the latest Instagram phishing scam so you can keep your account safe. (article)


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What’s Fresh

  • There are literally millions of songs out there just waiting for you to give them a listen. Forgotify wants to help us remember the songs we once loved. (free streaming service)

  • Did you know that someone owns the iconic smiley face? One company has a stronghold on the yellow symbol and they’ve made big bucks ($500 million) through licensing deals. (article)

  • Walmart works to win over kids with its foray into the metaverse on Roblox, a popular game. (article)

  • Alien invasion? Not on our planet. NASA completed its first planetary defense test on Monday by slamming a spacecraft into an asteroid. (press release)

As an entrepreneur, your career path has probably not been a straight shot. In this episode, Emily is joined by Ashley Menzies Babatunde, host of No Straight Path, live from Inbound 2022 to explore how removing expectations and adopting curiosity can help you embrace your experiences. They also discuss how storytelling can help us combat loneliness, why you should never consider any past experience as a waste, and how your values impact your journey in past, present, and future.

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