Black Friday Shopping In Review

Plus a dash of money + self-care links

How Was Black Friday, Realy?

Over the long weekend, most U.S. bosses gathered with their family and friends to fill their plates with turkey, stuffing, pie, or their other favorite Thanksgiving staples. (Though does anyone really like canned cranberry sauce?) And while those of you outside the U.S. likely did not celebrate Thanksgiving, a lot of you still participated in one American tradition that has turned into an international event, Black Friday shopping. Which has grown to include Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday.

And while small businesses and retailers remained hopeful, no one could predict exactly what would happen in the post-pandemic shopping landscape amidst high rates of inflation worldwide. Looking back now, it appears that even as shoppers tightened up their holiday budgets, they sought to support small businesses. According to a study by Kabbage, an Amex company, 86% of U.S. shoppers planned to shop small this year, a big jump from last year’s numbers. And overall, U.S. sales were up 2.3% from last year. Shoppers from Australia to the UK, EU countries like Greece and Italy, Canada, and many more also came out to save some dough this past weekend.

And as all of you veteran bosses know, the holiday shopping season is just getting started. So take some time this week to reflect on what worked, what kinda worked, and what didn’t this past weekend to prepare for upcoming promotions or note them for next year’s. We’ve also got some links to help you get your finances in order and want to encourage you to fit in some extra self-care to see you through the holidays.

Black Friday By The Numbers


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What’s Fresh (In Self-Care)

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  • Struggling with fatigue throughout the day? Here’s what one nutritionist and holistic wellness expert does to avoid dips throughout the day. (article)

  • Protect your energy this holiday. It’s hard to set boundaries with family, but not impossible. (article)

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