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Being your own boss can be a very rewarding experience. Whether you are just starting out or have been building your business for a few years or more, every stage of the entrepreneurial path comes with many obstacles, successes, and lessons.

Every business is as unique as the boss behind it. But the journey of stepping out on your own to bring your dreams to life is filled with shared experiences — from conquering the fear of getting started to leading a successful business and team. No matter where you are in your entrepreneur journey, we’ve got you covered with links and resources to keep you moving forward.


  • Still bossing it out at a day job while you start your own business? These tips will help you balance the challenges of showing up for both. (article)

  • If you have some fear or doubt around being your own boss, you aren’t alone. These two things can help you find the courage to start anyway. (article)

  • Speaking of fear, try this mindset shift and approach business with curiosity. (podcast)

  • When it comes to starting a business, building your systems and choosing the right tools is important! Here are 20 to consider. (article)

  • Hindsight is 20/20. Fortunately, we can learn important lessons from the bosses who have come before us. (article)

A Boss Guide to Making Hard Decisions


Being the boss of your business means making lots of decisions is part of the job description. Big decisions. Little decisions. Work decisions. Life decisions.

It’s easy to find yourself in a place where even the simplest decisions are hard to make, not to mention the big ones that define your career or affect those around you. But it doesn’t have to feel this overwhelming.

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Grow + lead

  • As your business continues to grow, it is important to make time to reflect on performance and progress. Being able to answer these 10 questions is a great place to start. (article)

  • Continued growth usually leads to delegation or outsourcing of some tasks and most business owners start with the small stuff. But outsourcing at a high-level can bring strategic insight and even more efficiency. (article)

  • As a boss, showing up in a way that aligns with your values is important. It can be scary to take a public stance on issues that affect you, your team, or customers. Here’s how you can start to show up in support of diversity in a way that is authentic to you. (article)

  • If you are growing a team, retention of great talent should be a priority. Here are 3 ways you can reward your employees and motivate them to show up at their best. (podcast)



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What’s Fresh

  • Let’s kick off August with some good woo energy. Take a look at what the cards or the stars have in store for you this month. (articles)

  • The Biden administration has plans to change a rule that determines who qualifies as a contractor or an employee. This could make it more difficult for small businesses to work with contractors. (article)

  • More people are considering being their own boss. Business applications saw a 60% increase during the pandemic and these 5 small business categories are specifically on the rise. (article)

  • The Earth just set a record! Our planet just completed one rotation faster than scientists had ever previously recorded. (article)

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