Goals Gone Wild

Reevaluating the why and how of our goals

Goals gOT yOU Stressing?

While this time of year brings holiday cheer and time to rest, for many business owners it also kicks off the start of making plans and setting goals for the upcoming new year. But for all of you creative entrepreneurs, traditional goal setting and business planning don’t always resonate with the reasons you started your businesses in the first place.

Over the last few years, there has been a rise in questioning the systems we work in. Not only as entrepreneurs but also as day job bosses and side hustlers. Collectively, we’ve decidedly said no to hustling hard just because, to doing work that is out of alignment with our values, and defining ourselves solely by our work achievements.

Recently, Tara McMullin joined us on the podcast to discuss this deconditioning and deconstruction specifically around the way we set goals. This week, we’re diving further into this concept with some links and resources that will help you explore how you set goals and to step into 2023 feeling good. 

What’s In A Goal?

  • SMART goals have long been held as the gold standard for achieving success. As Tara mentions in our podcast episode, it can be hard to incorporate your values into the structure of a SMART goal. But many have found the framework of writing their important goals in a clear and trackable format helps them stay motivated. (article)

  • The obvious benefit of zero-based scheduling is increased productivity. But Tara mentioned using this approach to scheduling your time as a practical tool for getting an honest look at your overall capacity. (article)

  • Trying to optimize your time solely for increased productivity might lead to burnout. In this episode of My First Million Podcast, Rob Drydek, of Rob & Big explains how he has taken the concept of zero-based scheduling to the next level to split his time to reflect his priorities and optimize his life for happiness. (podcast)

  • We use our values to find alignment in our work and life but what happens when capitalism has hijacked and gamified your values? Further explore the concept of values hijacking, in this episode of the Pause on the Play podcast with Tara McMullin and Erica Courdae. (podcast)

  • Set the tone for how you hustle in your business and develop a framework for your own goals. These 4 goal-setting questions from Emily will help you find the right direction and start taking action. (article)

Plan Your Way

  • When it comes to planning out your time and tasks, there are many options for keeping it all straight. One way to fully customize your planning experience is Bullet Journaling. Learn more about the method in this video and get inspired to create your own bullet journal with these suggestions from Emily! (video + article)

  • Want more of a done-for-your approach in your paper planner? Balance Bound planners give your space for the different priorities in your life in a straightforward style and the Unbound planner offers plenty of space for self-reflection and check-ins. (planners)

  • If you want to go 100% digital, combining software or a tool with your calendar can be a powerful way to stay on top of your vision. Notion and GoodNotes are both highly customizable options that we think you’ll love. (apps)

  • Are your planner goals infused with more woo intention? Lean into the planets and stars with the Soul Care Planner or use the magic of tarot to guide your year with the Biddy Tarot Planner. (planners)

Our #1 Boss Habit!

You’ve likely heard us talk about the importance of CEO Days. And there is a very good reason for that. We truly believe THAT consistently scheduled CEO Days can be powerful. A CEO Day allows you to prioritize time to work on your business, focus on your vision, goals, and plans, and most of all save SO MUCH TIME throughout your year by dedicating just one day to big decisions.

If you aren’t sure where to start or what to do during your CEO Day, check out CEO Day Kit, our toolkit and framework designed to help you get the most out of your CEO Days.

What’s Fresh for 2023

  • From AR experiences to connecting with Gen Z, Google shares its top digital marketing trends and predictions for 2023. (article)

  • What will be popular in 2023? Pinterest thinks it knows, touting an 80% success rate at predicting upcoming trends for the last 3 years. Get excited about the future and take a look through Pinterest Predicts. (resource)

  • Calling all maker bosses, Etsy hopes to help inspire you with its insights for the upcoming season. To help you prep your shop and products, check out predictive style trends, what will be popular for upcoming holidays, and Etsy’s very own colors of the year. (Pantone, who?) (report)


Making impactful hires in your small business can be one of the most difficult responsibilities you’ll have as a boss. In this episode, Dana Kaye returns to share what she has learned from hiring at different stages of her business and how improving her hiring strategies has helped to build a team that supports business growth. Dana and Emily discuss knowing when you need to hire, identifying what roles you need to fill, and how to hire people that reflect your company values.

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