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The Creator Economy is Here to Stay

It’s 2023 which means that while your main gig might not be posting to TikTok or asking your followers to “smash that like button” on Youtube, you are likely engaging with content created by someone on a daily basis. And if you own a creative business, you’re likely creating content yourself as part of your marketing strategy. Anything from writing a newsletter or blogging, to snapping pictures and recording videos for your feeds, or creating a podcast falls within the sphere of content creation.

Which makes us all in someway a part of the “creator economy”– a term that was first coined at Stanford in reference to the animation and illustration industry. These days, it is mostly used to describe social media influencers. And you’re probably 🤢 and 🥱 of hearing the buzzword that is used to describe the dealings of a wide range of businesses that make money through creating content. Though recent layoffs at tech startups and social media giants have many feeling like the creator economy is losing steam, there is still plenty of money to be made in content creation.

So if you’re feeling passionate about the content you create, we say more power to you! Check out this week’s links for the latest insights on content creation.

Get On The Mic

  • So you want to start a podcast? Here’s a list of some of the best free podcast courses to get you started. (article)

  • Next, start making money from your podcast. Not sure how to? That’s okay, Wix has you covered with 9 easy ways to monetize your podcast. (article)

  • Meet and greet. If you’re serious about making a career in podcasting, in-person networking is still a tried and true method to getting ahead. Here are some buzzworthy podcast conferences coming up this year. (article)

Press Record

  • Boost your Youtube channel. Learn how to optimize your Youtube channel’s SEO to get more views. (article)

  • Keep it short and simple. This 6-step formula breaks down how to use short form video to marketing and grow your biz. (article)

  • Are you a shutterbug? Instagram’s chief Adam Mosseri says the platform will focus on finding balance between images and video in 2023. Hip hip hooray! (article)


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  • Must love blogs! Nothing beats a good blog. But with so many out there, you have to find your niche. These 4 niches are forecasted to be BIG in 2023. (article)

  • If you’re new to the blogosphere, you’ll want to watch out for these 23 mistakes that can leave your blog floundering. (article)

  • Feeling stuck? Try any of these 99 prompts to get past your block and create your masterpiece. (article)

  • Your blog doesn’t have to be your business. Or even a part of it. There’s something to be said for creating a personal blog to connect and have fun. (article)

  • A well written email goes a long way. And email marketing will continue to be the best way for creators to market themselves for the foreseeable future. (article)

What’s Fresh

  • Shopify users are experiencing sticker shock. The popular commerce platform that many bosses (us included) use for their shops is raising their prices**Protip: Upgrade to a yearly subscription before April 23rd to keep your current price. (articles)

  • Does Canva have competition? The Berlin-based startup Kittl raised almost $12 million in funding to build a platform that allows users to create complex designs with just a few clicks. (article)

  • Starbucks reward members are still foaming, excuse me fuming, over the recent changes to the rewards program. Learn about the psychology behind the upset even though many people will benefit from the changes. (article)

  • Buzzfeed’s stock is soaring thanks to AI. After they announced that they would start using AI to create content, stock prices tripled. But you won’t be reading any news stories written by AI anytime soon. (article)


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