Short On Time?

Reclaim your day with boundaries, values, and rest.

Biggest Boss Struggle

Do you feel like there aren’t enough hours in your day? Have you looked at your calendar and wondered where the week or even the month went? You aren’t alone, boss. In fact, according to a Wells Fargo/Gallup Small Business Index Survey, 57% of small business owners in the US are working 6 days a week and 20% are working all week long

Even in our most recent audience survey, time management came out on top when bosses shared what they’re currently struggling with in their businesses.

When you started your business, you were likely looking for some freedom or at least something different than a standard 9-to-5. We know your ideal day is possible and we know that you can achieve it. Whether you are clocking more hours than you’d like in your business and still can’t seem to get ahead or you’re struggling to balance your full-time job and your side hustle, we’ve got you covered with links and resources to help you consider your approach to managing your time.

Boundaries Boost

  • Checking in on the health of your boundaries is the first thing you should do when you start to feel like you don’t have enough time for the things that matter. (podcast)

  • If you need help creating boundaries, this worksheet will help you get started with identifying what you want to protect. (worksheet)

  • Our time can quickly be consumed by social media and all our electronic devices if we let it. Fight back with boundaries and watch your productivity increase. (article)

  • When it comes to productivity, the things you don’t do matter just as much as the things you do! (video)

  • Are you losing valuable time getting hung up on making decisions? Learn Emily’s secret for making decisions with ease. (video training)

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Personal Productivity

Looking For Accountability?

Join us in the Being Boss Community and find the support you need from like minded creative bosses. You can talk business in our Monday Meet-Ups or find the accountability you need in a Virtual Coworking session.

The Being Boss Community is a fun, inclusive, and supportive space for creative business owners to get together, talk about business, help each other find solutions, and grow.

The best part? It’s completely free to join.

What’s Fresh

  • The argument around the GIF is about to shift from what’s the correct pronunciation to if this file format is irrelevant or not. (article)

  • Paypal recently made an update to its Acceptable Use Policy that caused quite a stir. Even if you don’t use Paypal, this is a good reminder to read and understand what can happen to your money. (article)

  • Do you host a Facebook group? On October 20, 2022, you can tune into the virtual Facebook Communities Summit to learn about new features and products that will help you build and group your group. (event)

  • Linkedin is leveling up. They recently announced new features including post templates and pinned comments. (article)

Being a business owner puts you in the unique position to create your ideal career and life but it also allows you to create impact in the lives of your clients and team members. In this episode, Emily chats with Dana Kaye of Kaye Publicity, about strategically hiring and growing a team to scale your business, say yes to more opportunities, and expand the overall impact you are making in the world.

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