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Own your role, Brené Brown, the future of podcasting

Once Upon a Time

Writing, photographing, branding, sharing… as business owners we’re all in the business of storytelling, whether you realize it or not.

Or at least you should be, because these days your customer cares more about your story than ever before, because in a sea of sameness, the story behind you, your process, your product might be the *only* thing separating you from everyone else in your field.

This is a topic we’ve woven in and out of for years, and have had some big conversations around owning who you are and even writing your story (with the founder of NaNoWriMo, no less), as well as so many episodes on branding.

And… as we continue to have our drive to live in the world tampered, so many creative bosses are finally coming around to that book they want to write or that podcast they want to start, and – honestly – we love that for you.

So this week we’re supporting your responsibility to tell a story, and your creative drive to share, with a collection of resources to help you make it do.

Being a Storyteller

  • Let’s begin with story-telling inspiration from 16 companies that are killing it. (article)

  • Next, here’s what Brené Brown says about practicing story stewardship. (article)

  • Can’t find your story? Here’s how, plus unlock some potential along the way. (podcast)

  • Becoming a better writer is a journey, but with some solid writing advice, you can grow even faster. (article + video)

  • Short-form writing (think: Instagram posts or poetry) is are a great way to share your story without needing the discipline or desire to write a book. (article)

  • We bookclub’d Story Brand last year in the Being Boss Community and it has become a boss favorite. (book + affiliate link)

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What can podcasters and listeners do to make their podcast experience better? In this episode, Emily of Being Boss chats with JJ Ramberg, co-founder of Goodpods. They discuss the predicted trends for podcasting in 2022, how to find better episodes in a saturated industry, and how creators can monetize their podcasts.

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