The Planning Bug

If you haven’t been bitten yet, we’re ready to make it do for you.

Get Ready, Boss

You feeling it yet?… That urge to snag a new planner, do some visioning, and map out your course.

Well, lucky for you, it’s just about time. This week we’re giving you a bit of permission (that you don’t even need) to start thinking ahead to the new year.

And to snagging a new planner (and notebook and shiny set of pens).

Don’t worry – soon we’ll pop in to help you do some reflection, but today we’re jumping ahead to thinking about what comes next.

What? We’re creative. We don’t do anything in a straight light, amiright?

Everyone’s Favorite Planners

Bosses love planners (and are often starting whole threads on them in the Being Boss Community), so we’ve rounded up some of them for you here. Sorry, not sorry.

  • Achieve more while doing less (or so they say) with a Full Focus Planner.

  • Build your own planner? Yes, please – plus a golden coil.

  • Print your own planner, and support a member of the Being Boss Community!

  • Being boss is all about being your best self, and this planner will help you do just that.

  • Always a boss favorite, the Panda Planner is tried and true.

  • Get to work book? We’ll give that an “amen”!

  • Make your design-eye smile (and get a heavy astrology fix) with this magic.

  • Track everything (including your menstrual cycle) with this boss-made Cycles Journal.

  • Pursue your passion with this boss fave.

  • Take your self-care to the next level with this boss-made (and delightfully woo) planner.

  • Embrace rituals + plan accordingly while working towards your dreams.

If you snag one of these planners, please reply and let us know which one caught your eye! (PS – none of these are affiliate links, we just think they’re cool.)

Business Planning for Bosses

Sure, we use our planners every day for daily to-dos and to make use of our rainbow assortment of pens, but when it comes to business planning, bosses need something special.

Since 2017, thousands of bosses like you, in all kinds of industries, at all stages of entrepreneurship, have used our CEO Day Kit to help them see the big vision of their business and break it down into a 12-month plan.

So if you’re in the market for something to help you wrangle in your business, this toolkit will help you do just that.

Plus, if you need help or just can’t find the time to do it alone, Clubhouse members are invited to join for CEO Day Live for free on Tuesday, January 11 with Emily to go through each step of CEO Day Kit together.

Are you ready to make it do?

Looking Ahead in Marketing

  • Email is still the game to play, but you gotta get with the best practices for each new era. (article)

  • If a new social strategy is on your horizon, first start with an audit of what you’re already doing. (article)

  • Marketing collateral is more than just your business card, and it can all help you grow your business. (article)

  • Use what you did this year to make you better next year by using analytics to make better decisions. (article)

  • TikTok will continue to thrive, especially if we can all use it to sell what we do. (article) 

In Other Looking Ahead News

  • Thinking of biz opportunities in the Metaverse still feels a little big for our brains, so Facebook (um, Meta) is getting us started. (article)

  • Is it time to wrap your head around NFTs? Maybe so… because it looks like they’re here to stay. (article)
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