Feeling Down On Your Day-to-Day?

Most of us start a business in hopes of chasing our dreams and creating a life that we love. Yet somewhere along the line, we load our calendars with back-to-back meetings, get lost in spreadsheets, and become a servant to our clients or customers. Not exactly the dreamy career we envisioned.

But the good news is that since it’s your business, you get to call the shots! If you’re not totally enjoying yourself most of the time, you can move your feet & make a change. Let’s dive into a few ways to get back on course to get the most fulfillment out of your life, career, and purpose.

Positive Self-Talk

The best way to create a business & life that you love is to make decisions from a place of self-respect. Oftentimes, we accept meetings or partnerships because we think it’s the only opportunity that will lead us to success. And luckily, I’ve been doing this whole ‘business owner’ gig long enough to share with you that that’s just not the case! 

One of the ways I decide what meetings, collaborations, or clients to pursue is to ask myself, “Am I saying yes to this because it genuinely excites me? Or because I’m afraid I’ll never receive another opportunity?”

Chances are if your inner voice is coming from a scarcity mindset, it’s coming from your ego and, therefore, should not be pursued. Your ego will go to every length possible to protect you from failure, embarrassment, and defeat. And the ego isn’t even to blame. It’s just doing its job to protect you! However, taking a risk involves the vulnerability of a 50/50 chance of success, so sometimes the ego gets confused and tries to protect you by guilting you into saying yes too often. 

If the inner voice is coming from a place of genuine excitement and mutual benefit, then it’s a go! This tactic has helped me get incredibly clear on the next right step to take because let’s face it, there could be many right next steps. I believe the things you say yes to, the things that make you feel joyful and motivated, will give you the extra energy boost to continue on your journey of growth.

I’ve also found that in order to gain more fulfillment in our careers and lives, it helps to befriend ourselves. Often, we speak more negatively to ourselves than we would others. So even if you aren’t singing in harmony by a campfire, there are small ways you can foster self-respect.

This can look like:

A few years ago, I began getting the Sunday Scaries. You know, that feels of anxiousness for the running to-do list and pressure that the work week brings? I decided that, since I’m building my business with the intention of enjoying life to the fullest potential, I didn’t have to feel anxious and could use it as an opportunity to flip the script to actually look forward to the week ahead. Instead of burying myself and my anxiety in a bowl of ice cream or bag of chips, I’d write down a list of intentions that clearly describe how I want the week to go. 

I’d write things like:

  • I am surrounded by an abundance of positive opportunities in collaborations, relationships, health, finances, and happiness.
  • I trust what the future holds for me. I have nothing to worry about or stress over.
  • Just because a partnership makes sense on paper doesn’t mean I am obligated to say yes.
  • I allow creativity and inspiration to flow effortlessly.

These are just a few real journal entries of how I decided to start speaking about what I wanted to happen vs fearing what could go wrong. I’ve found that when you want something to go well, speak/write it and let it go. Either you achieve it or you learn a lesson, so either way you win. If you want to live a life that is rich in kindness and fulfillment, try setting some intentions of your own and watch how your life will shift! 

Practice Gratitude

We see this catchy title on every magazine headline, email newsletter, and bargain store coffee mug, but how does this translate into getting more fulfillment out of your life (especially when you’re in pursuit of your goals but haven’t yet reached them)?

I used to close my eyes and think about all of the good things in my life such as my fiancé, family, health, career, and home. And while that is one version of it, this practice felt more like a to-do list without provoking emotion.

In my own definition, practicing gratitude means jotting down a few very small good things that are present in my life and their impact. For example, instead of saying, “my career,” I’d write, “Getting invited to be featured on Fox 8 New Day Cleveland last week” as that is an experience I can reflect on how far I’ve come since day 1 of starting my business.

The next time you want to practice gratitude, try this:

  • Grab your favorite beverage
  • Sit in a cozy spot (office, couch, bed, etc.)
  • Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths
  • Picture something that made you smile in the past day or so
  • Channel your 5 senses to relive the experience
  • Think about the positive impact it had/has on your life today

Establish a Grounding Routine

In my own definition, grounding means being present and mindful in the moment. A grounding practice is something that takes your mind off of getting caught up in the dramas of everyday life and helps you to come back to your body. It’s called ‘grounding’ due to the fact that it traditionally involves you connecting with the physical ground below you to help you reconnect with your intuition, nature, and your spirit. 

Now I’m sure there are more official ways of practicing grounding, but seeing as I’m not a Zen yogi or Buddhist monk, here is my own spin on some quick and accessible ways to welcome grounding into your everyday life:

  • Stand with bare feet or lay in the grass/dirt/sand
  • Meditation (or a few silent moments taking deep breaths)
  • Be creative (writing, painting, coloring, dancing, etc.)
  • Take a yoga class in person or through free Youtube videos
  • Belly laughing with your favorite people
  • Getting a relaxation massage

I’m sure there are more and maybe you have activities in your life that refill your energy cup, but it’s important to incorporate these activities into your everyday life vs waiting for a holiday, vacation, or break. Much like taking a shower, you need grounding practices daily to remind you who you are and how good it truly feels to be alive when the BS of the world tries to tear you down. Grounding practices help you step away from a world of distraction (aka the electronic device you are reading this on) and reconnect with the present moment in front of you as the only thing that is real in this moment, is the present.

Founded in 2018, Maria created One Ray Journal to help people stay accountable to achieve their goals through a simple & intentional daily practice. This mission was based on her background of finding purpose through journaling while struggling with mental health over a decade ago and overcoming self-doubt. One Ray now offers journal collections, products, custom journals, and workshops to assist people and organizations in pursuing intentional personal growth.