I love eggnog. I know that grosses some of you out, but I’m a fan. Not eggnog flavored things, but the real thick Christmas eggnog. I only drink eggnog at the holidays, preferably with liquor. Even though I have been drinking eggnog my whole life (the liquor part is a recent addition, don’t worry), I always overserve myself and overdo the whole eggnog/holiday cheer thing. There is too much of a good thing, especially where dairy is concerned.

I feel the same way about Christmas music. Initially, I’m amped. I want all the songs—Mariah on repeat!!! Then I’m like, “Whoa this is insanity, and it’s still early December.” Again, there can be too much of a good thing. I have no solution for my eggnog problem aside from just drinking less but what’s the fun in that. 🙂 For holiday playlists I do have a solution:

My recipe for a solid holiday playlist

1/3 Christmas songs
1/3 songs you love from the past year
1/3 classic party jams

I feel STRONGLY about this recipe. It keeps your holiday parties from drifting into some weird holiday drama rom-com movie and keeps them light and lively. Also, it guarantees you will have some Drake on your playlist and everyone needs Drake at their holiday parties.

Happy holidays!

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