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It’s All A Game

To be successful in any game you must own who you are, know what you want, and make it happen. You must be able to adapt to the current situation and ever-changing landscape to keep your footing steady and find your way forward. This week on the podcast, Emily related finding success in business to a game. And while it might be a game of higher risks than some, it can still be a fun one.

In order to have the most fun playing any game, you must have an understanding of the rules. Doing so allows you to develop a strategy for playing and winning the game in a way that feels worthwhile for you. And if the game no longer feels worth playing, it might be time to quivot (that’s quit + pivot, our new favorite word) to your next big endeavor.

Name Of The Game

  • Finding success in your business or projects requires naming your objectives and key results. But how do you know what the right objectives are? Get the low down on OKRs and over 60 examples to inspire your own. (article + video)

  • Does the thought of networking make you cringe? Flip the script and test out these non-sleazy networking strategies for building genuine relationships. (article + video)

  • Stop reinventing the wheel and start repeating yourself. If you’ve got great content, maximize your impact and efficiency while repurposing it! (article + video)

  • Setting yourself apart from your competition is key to owning the game. So, how do you let your clients and customers know why they want to shop with you? Hit them with your USP. (article)

  • When business is slow, quitting can feel like an easier option. But not all slow seasons are a bad thing. Learn how to make the most of a slow season and set yourself up for future growth. (article)

Goodbye sOCIAL mEDIA!

Do you hate promoting your business on social media but feel you have no choice? Here’s the good newsYou can build a thriving business without social media! It’s possible and on November 29th, you can learn how!

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Playing by The Rules

  • If you are still up for playing by Instagram’s rules, check out this series of live events, where they’ll share tips to help you boost your sales results in the app this holiday season. (article + IG post)

  • Playing the PR game can get your business featured in some serious press. Learn how to create a media-worthy story you can pitch to top-tier media. (article)

  • Making a play for improved productivity in your business? It’s as simple as 3 words. (article)

  • Google’s got a lot of rules. When you’re working to grow your organic traffic, you’ll want to make Google happy. Crafting winning meta descriptions for your web pages is a great place to start. (video)

Payroll, benefits, and More!

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Call It A Quivot

Episode 326 Knowing When To Quit
Winners never quit and quitters never win, or so the saying goes. Society has taught many of us that quitting isn’t acceptable, but knowing when to quit is a skill that every creative business owner needs to master. In this episode, Emily is joined by Corey from the Being Boss team to explore why quitting is essential to continued success, joy, and purpose in your work and life. Plus, Emily shares 4 questions you can ask yourself before you quit something.

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