Leaps and Bound-aries!

Protect your time + energy

Boss Boundaries

How do you feel about your business boundaries? If you find yourself answering with anything other than “Fantastic!”, we strongly suggest taking some time to revisit the ones you’ve already established and consider adding in a few more to protect your energy. You might even be asking yourself what are boundaries in business?

Recently, there have been some great conversations happening in the Community and IRL about how bosses set boundaries with clients, customers, and even family and friends. If you’re unsure as to whether or not your boundaries are working, be on the lookout for these telltale signs that they just aren’t: Your calendar is packed and you don’t have time to work on the offerings that fuel you and your business, let alone get dinner with friends. You might find yourself feeling more on edge than usual and quick to snap back when you feel frustrated. Or you find it more and more common that clients are texting or calling after business hours and you feel the need to respond right away.

If these sound nothing like your current biz situation, congrats! If not, buckle up! We’ve got some links to support you and your boundaries this week. 

Biz Boundaries

  • Be the boss of your time. We’ve got you covered with our own time management training! (video)

  • Unsure of where to get started? Might be time to review your business and personal values. They will guide you through your decision making. (article)

  • Try cord cutting if you can’t stop ruminating on a negative experience or person. It’s totally Emily-approved. (article)

  • Boundaries are a facet of emotional intelligence. And emotional intelligence can help you be a better entrepreneur. (article)

  • Your finances do not get a free pass. You can learn how to set boundaries with your money too, boss! (article)

Chattanooga Meet-Up

We’re hosting a local Being Boss Meet-Up in Chattanooga on Friday, May 27, 2022, from 5-7pm ET at the Night Pearl and we’d love for you to join us.

Let’s grab some drinks and tasty snacks while we catch up!

Let’s Get Personal

  • Big goals and expectations can be overwhelming. Look for the small joys in your day when playing big feels a bit too, well, big. (article)

  • Have you checked out your May horoscope? With Mercury retrograde in full swing, some heavenly insights might be helpful. (articles)

  • If you let work become your whole life during the pandemic and you don’t remember how to socialize anymore, check out these tips for reconnecting. (article)

  • Set boundaries around your self-care and try these practices crafted for your Enneagram type. (article)

  • Mediation isn’t easy for everyone. If it’s hard for you, it’s likely a sign that you need it the most. (article)

  • Tapped out? EFT aka emotional freedom technique tapping can help you de-stress and rest. (article)

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What’s Fresh

  • If your boundaries fall outside of “industry norms,” you might be entering your villain era. Which isn’t as scary or as evil as it sounds. (article)

  • Meta what? Does anybody really understand the Metaverse? (article)

  • Web3 comes with a whole new vocabulary. See how many you know from this handy glossary of terms. (glossary)

  • Shopify just bought Deliverr for $2.1 billion dollars. Small businesses that struggle with order fulfillment can look forward to shipping support in the near future. (article)
Content creation has become an important part of how we promote our businesses online. But how do you approach your content strategy responsibly and with intention? In this episode, Emily and Kathleen discuss the current state of content marketing, the pros and cons of creating content, and the evolution of content creation since they started their journeys.

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