✨ One Day at a Time

The Gift of the Present

Let’s Just Take Things One Day at a Time

It’s the last week of October, but by the looks of every Target aisle, you’d think it’s the week before Christmas. Sorry, Bullseye Playground; you’re cute but we’re not ready to call it a year just yet. It’s true that we love a good planning sesh, but we’re also really into taking things one day at a time. We’re talkin’ about making the most of what’s in front of you, right here and right now. Some folks might even call it being present. 

It’s kinda magical how staying present naturally leads to better outcomes. We’re less worried about the future and less consumed by the past. Being present means we don’t have to live by anyone else’s timelines (retailers included). Nope! You’re free to focus on what’s most important to you right now, like your health, your sanity, enjoying your business, and/or thanking your awesome employee. With that in mind, we hope this week’s collection will help you enjoy the present and make the most of here and now. Here’s to today!

Takin’ Care of Yourself

Take care of yourself and your mind,the rest will follow. (video)

This morning routine isn’t “guru” approved but we’re into it. HINT: Real happiness and productivity come from making deep changes. (article)

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Creator burnout, bleh! What it looks like, why it happens, and what you can do to heal from it.  (article)

Takin’ Care of Business

Dreaming of growing your business? Here’s how to find the right help. (podcast)

Batch your social media video content to work smarter not harder. (podcast)

These bosses are sharing their best money advice for new entrepreneurs. (article)

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Da best marketing tools for 2021  (article)

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That Good Woo for You

You know your sign but do you know your life path number? (article)

Access deeper states of consciousness, relax your body, and reset with sound bathing. (article)

ICYMI – Em chats with Amy Kuretsky on how to use the breath for clarity and creativity. (podcast)

What’s Fresh

Notion is on the move again. This time they’re focusing on product expansion with the purchase of India’s Automate.io. (article)

The next evolution of search is underway at Google (and it’s all about context). (article)

Tik-tok just hit 1 billion users and they’re just getting started. (article)

At Being Boss

Being informed about social matters might not seem like a top business priority. But for many creative entrepreneurs who value world change, staying informed is an essential part of daily work. In this episode, Emily of Being Boss chats with copywriter and social justice dream catcher Teresa Decker. They have a powerful discussion about why being informed matters, what you (as a business owner) can do about it, and how leaders can utilize credible sources to fuel their larger mission. They also explain how the new email resource, Brewed, came to be and how it’s helping entrepreneurs in the community improve their business and mindset in today’s world.

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