Resource Your New Year

Do you have what you need to make it do?

Supporting Your Vision

New Year’s energy provides the perfect space to check in and realign your plans, goals, and vision. And while we definitely have a favorite practice for setting a vision to guide you through the year, you can make a plan for the new year in many ways, whether you want to:

All these methods have one thing in common. In order to get to the other side of your vision, you need to have the resources to do it. Knowing how you will protect, grow, and harness your resources is important. Maybe you will focus on leveling up your mindset so you can say goodbye to fraudy feelings or expand your idea of what’s possible with your money. Or maybe you’ll get serious about protecting your time and energy with better boundaries, habits, and routines.

Whatever you set out to accomplish this year, we’re cheering you on! 🎉 This week we’re bringing you some resources and links that will help you stay well-resourced on your 2023 journey.


Claiming money is an infinite resource might seem counterintuitive. Especially when many of us worry about money. Where will it come from? Do we have enough? But money is the only resource that we can make more of. That being said, all the money in the world doesn’t matter if you don’t have the time or energy to enjoy it, but more on that later.

  • Is your money mindset holding you back? Try this simple exercise from Emily that will help you expand your idea of what’s possible when it comes to your money goals. (video)

  • A middle-class mindset will hold you back from more than just making more money. Learn how to identify this mindset for yourself and where it might be throwing you out of alignment. (podcast)

  • Making more money isn’t all mindset. Check out these 9 ideas on how to make more money with ease from boss favorite, Mike Michalowicz. (article)

  • Even though the global economy seems to be facing a tough and uncertain year, that doesn’t mean you have to fear uncertainty. Learn these 7 tips for getting more comfortable with the unpredictable as an entrepreneur. (articles)


Time and energy are resources that are not unlimited but instead are extremely finite. It isn’t easy to get more energy without trading some of your time for rest. And making more time usually comes down to buying it back. The critical thing to understand about these 2 resources is that both are required for not only creating your 2023 but for enjoying it as well.

  • Do you get stressed at the idea of taking time to rest or enjoy leisure activities? You might have leisure guilt. Learn how to beat stress and anxiety by reconnecting to activities that bring you joy without guilt. (articles)

  • Getting quality sleep is vital to our well-being. If you aren’t finding it easy to get your much-needed rest, consider these 99 tips for a more restful slumber. (article)

  • Want the secret to supercharging your time and energy? It’s finding focus in the task at hand. Learn Emily’s 6 tips to help you do just that. (video)

  • Eliminating every drain on your finite resources might be impossible. But maintaining healthy boundaries will help you protect your time and energy and improve your life. (podcast)

Just One Day

Does the thought of making a big visionary plan for your business feel overwhelming? When you’re struggling to create a plan just to hit the next deadline or just land your next client, stepping out of the urgency of the day-to-day can feel impossible. But here’s the thing… All you need to do is clear one day on your calendar. Just one day.

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What’s Fresh

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  • Workplace culture has been shifting quickly over the past few years. If you have a  team, learn what concerns and expectations employees will have in 2023. (article)
  • A new year brings new minimum wages for an estimated 8.4 million US workers. Check the 23 states that will be increasing minimum wage rates. (article)
  • Start your year right with a tech refreshThis guide will help you tidy up your tech and do a digital declutter. (article)


Values are a foundational piece of being boss. Discovering your core values can help guide you in living a more aligned life, making hard decisions, and understanding the impact of your creative work. In this episode, Emily explores the difference between personal core values and business values, when you might have similar values as your business, and the mindset around choosing different business values to guide your company’s long-term success.

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