Schedule Your White Space For The Year

and don't delete it

You Need More Time Off

We are a little over just two weeks into the year and some of us are still getting back into the swing of things after having had some time off for the holidays; but I’d be willing to bet that all of us are already thinking the same thing: it’s time for a vacation. It’s never a bad time to schedule your next personal time away from your business, especially if you are mindfully doing it for your mental health.

We have said it time and time again: running a business can be stressful. It can take a toll on you if you don’t protect yourself; but you can get ahead of and even prevent burnout if you know what steps to take. Our first, easiest, and best recommendation that you can do right this second is to schedule some time off.

The key to creating the physical and mental white space between you and your business is to schedule it. Open up your calendar and physically create an event for it; whether it’s a multi-day trip or even a recurring afternoon off every week, put it in your calendar. Don’t let yourself forget it. Don’t leave the door open for something else to come up that you “need” to do instead.

AND DON’T DELETE IT. Don’t let yourself make other tasks a priority simply because they “have to get done.” Your health and happiness are the priority above all else. 

Get Ahead of Burnout

Take Care of Yourself

What Does 2023 Hold For You?

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