Take A Moment To Be Thankful

You did cool stuff this year

Celebrating Your Wins

It’s Thanksgiving time in the US; but regardless of where you live in the world, it’s never a bad time to take a moment to reflect on the things you are thankful for and celebrate the things that you have accomplished. Whether you finally decided to start your business after years of thinking about it, or you booked a big new client, or you hired your first official employee, or you created a new personal life boundary to protect yourself from burnout; we guarantee that there is something that everyone can take a moment to reflect on and be proud of for accomplishing.

And Being Boss will be the first to tell you: running a business isn’t always puppies, rainbows, and milkshakes (just ask Emily and Kathleen). There are times when every boss thinks about quitting because things have gotten too hard; but in between all of those fires that it feels like you are constantly putting out, there are also the moments where you remember why you became your own boss to begin with: the freedom, getting to make your own rules, the option to work wherever and whenever you want, and the ability to do what you love.

So take some time this week to think back to your wins, however big or small they were. Remember why you decided to take the leap into entrepreneurship (or why you are considering it) and give yourself a crisp high five.

And from Emily and the entire team at Being Boss…Happy Thanksgiving!

Finding Gratitude

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Keep Things Positive

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What’s Fresh

In this first episode of a 2-part series on retirement planning as an entrepreneur, Sarah Becker returns to the podcast to discuss what keeps so many small business owners from setting themselves up for retirement. Emily and Sarah discuss real-life examples of retirement strategies, the foundational accounts you need to know about, and the easy first step every boss needs to take to start their own retirement plan.

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