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This Brew’s Hot

Too hot to sip? Nah… just sip slowly, or risk getting what Emily calls “new mouth.”

Ok, not really – but really, this newsletter has become one of the hottest things we’ve created for you in a while. You love it! And we appreciate you letting us know, and for sharing it with your boss friends.

We love putting this email together for you, and this week we’re here to share what you love most about what we’ve shared over the past quarter.

So, behold: our first quarterly wrap-up of what’s hot in Brewed, the Being Boss podcast, and the Being Boss Community.

It’s your finger on the pulse of what matters most to bosses like you.


ICYMI: Hot Pods

  • 1 – Is hustle good or bad? That’s the boss question, and we dove into the answer to help you come to terms. (podcast)

  • 2 – Most people don’t get the difference, but your market, audience, and community are not the same thing – but don’t worry, we’re here to clear it up. (podcast)

  • 3 – One of our faves was yours too, because interviewing Alana Fairchild about rituals for creativity was a highlight of our tenure as podcasters. (podcast)

  • 4 – Bosses need to stay informed – I mean, it’s why we started this newsletter! – and our dive into that topic with the boss who helped us create this newsletter proved to be a must-listen. (podcast)

  • 5 – Manifesting is always a hot topic, and our recent episode about manifesting with crystals was no exception. PS – We love you for being woo. (podcast)

ICYMI: Bosses <3 Bosses

  • 1 – Accountability is the magic of joining a community, and this thread had bosses sharing their must-dos by year-end, in case you need it too. (community post)

  • 2 – Being boss is a journey in learning new things, which we shared in a self-care prompt as a way to celebrate how far we’ve come. (community post)

  • 3 – We love book recommendations, and they don’t always have to be about business. Bosses love to read for fun, too. (community post)

  • 4 – Who wants to support makers? Bosses do! (community post)

  • 5 – A boss gets their first tarot deck and it becomes an all-out celebration. (community post)

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The Biggest Planning Day is Coming!

Kicking off the year with a plan is a MUST for every boss, no matter how big or small, and no matter how fresh or seasoned you may be.

You must carve out time to work ON your business, and we know that can be a daunting task in itself.

This is why we created CEO Day Kit, a set of tools to guide you through 12 months of business planning in just 1 day.

It is the space and the guidance you need to turn your plans into a roadmap that shapes your coming year.

Now the question is: are you ready to do the work?

Plus! Emily is going live on January 11, 2022 with all CEO Day Kit users to guide you through each step, answer your questions, and hold space for you to show up and do the work. More info coming soon!

In this first episode of a 2-part reflection series, Emily and Kathleen, the co-founders of Being Boss sit down to chat about 2021. Even though they now have separate companies, these two business besties share their unique lessons over the past year as business owners. They review what foundations are keeping them going, what didn’t work, and how they’re looking forward to thriving next year. 

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