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We’ve made it to the end of another quarter, boss!

And that means it’s time for our quarterly wrap-up of what’s been hot in Brewed and the Being Boss podcast. We’re bringing back the resources that made bosses click, sparked the most conversation, and kept you in the know.

Get caught up below, with the most popular articles, videos, and podcasts of the quarter. Along with a few fresh links to keep you up-to-date!

ICYMI: Links Worth Clicking

  • 1 – Social media continues to be a hot topic, with many bosses getting curious about alternative ways to connect with customers. (article)

  • 2 – Keeping your vibes in check is important to you! Make sure you pair your manifesting with energetic check-ins. (article)

  • 3 – You were all interested in what story your brand colors convey to your audience. (article)

  • 4 – New ways to get exposure for your biz, caught your attention. From guest contributing to gift guides, these 5 ideas are sure to get you some publicity. (article)

  • 5 – You showed up for these Google Doc hacks that you can keep up your sleeve to impress your biz bestie. (Twitter thread)

  • 6 – We might all be looking for a little escape right now. These summer book recommendations had you clicking! (article)

  • 7 – Money is definitely a top of mind topic. Specifically how to save money where you can in your business. (article)

  • 8 – And we’ll wrap up with your desire to protect your energy. This cord cutting exercise will help you cut ties with any negativity. (article)

ICYMI: Hot Pods

Workshop Tomorrow

Take a little break with us this week and create something just for fun!

Will we see you tomorrow for our hands-on floral design workshop in the Being Boss Clubhouse? Don’t forget to download the workshop guide and buy your flowers! Then florist and botanical artist Leelee Dameron will show you how to create arrangements with easy to follow design steps.

What’s Fresh

  • Slack is adding video to its Huddles feature. More new features include multi-user screen sharing and huddle-specific chat threads. (article)

  • Time is a funny thing. If you are pondering how 2022 is already half over, these facts might reset your perception of time or just blow your mind. (article)

  • The answer to how you tackle burnout might be found in your moon sign. (article)

We all know how important boundaries are, but how do you reach the point where they work for you? In this episode, Emily and Corey of Being Boss discuss what it looks like to uphold healthy boundaries. They share must-have boundaries for business owners, how to set boundaries that protect yourself, and a few unpopular tips on testing and changing as you grow.

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