Welcome 2023

Looking back at the best links of 2022

Cheers to the Year

Happy holidays from all of us at Being Boss HQ. We hope you take time to rest, indulge in some seasonal sweets, and spend time with your loved ones this holiday season.

After the holidays, we’ll be saying “Adios!” to Q4 and 2022 and greeting 2023 and Q1. Are you ready boss? One of the first steps to preparing for a new year and quarter is to review where you’ve been. So if you haven’t started dreaming big about what you’d like to create in 2023, this week’s Brewed has all the top links from 2022 to help you do that. Remember that piece of content that piqued your curiosity or sparked a new idea? If it got lost in the daily shuffle, you just might rediscover it here.

See you next year! 😘 Until then, be boss!


This year’s most popular links were split evenly between tips to help you #makeitdo and ways to up your self-care. We’re so proud of you for prioritizing balance this year, boss!

  • Happiness is one drug we stan at Being Boss. To increase dopamine and feel your best anytime, look back over these 13 ways to increase your happiness. From celebrating small victories to treating ourselves to a massage, we could all benefit from adding a little more joy to our days. (article)
  • Staying focused on your goals was another top priority for all the bosses in 2022. And you all were especially interested in the Full Focus planner to help you stay on track. (Don’t forget you can schedule in work and play time.) (online store)
  • Protecting your time by time blocking in your planner or on your digital calendar is one way to increase your productivity. But you were also interested in a couple more habits to help you feel your best and get sh*t done. (free training + article)
  • Habits and routines go hand in hand. With many of us reaching that 30+ mark in life, you wanted to see what routines best support a maturing body and lifestyle. (article)
  • 2022 proved that social media isn’t the safest or most reliable way to market your business. Many of you clicked to read more about alternative marketing methods that can increase customer loyalty. (articles)
  • Email marketing was #1 on the list from the article above, which is no surprise to us. Email has been one of the top performing marketing mediums for the past decade +. You all wanted to increase the performance of your emails by improving your click-through rates. (article)
  • Before jumping into the next big thing, many of you were performing energetic check-ins (love that for you) to make sure you were prepared for your next season of manifesting. If you didn’t touch base with your energy last year, give it a try next year. (article)
  • Mike Michalowicz shared 5 ways to increase your profits in a month. If you missed it, take a quick peek. These methods don’t have an expiration date and can help your bottom line any time of year. (article)
  • Bosses love a good spreadsheet. And the proof was in the clicks. Lots of bosses scored 10 free Google Sheets that cover everything from budgets to marketing plans from our friends at Hubspot. (free download)


  • You all helped yourself to a large slice of our episode with Joy The Baker. If starting a blog was a 2022 goal that didn’t quite happen, start here and learn how Joy turned her blog into a full-time business. (podcast)
  • Continuing the theme of self-care, episode 289 was a crowd favorite. You can revisit this episode anytime you find yourself feeling burnt out or struggling to let yourself rest. (podcast)
  • Money mojo running low? Refuel with this episode where Jessie-Susannah Karnatz joined Emily to dish about money magic and rituals for financial well-being. (podcast)
  • You can outsource project management, but you don’t have to. If you prefer to be hands-on, Jackie Cahill shared her best advice for anyone wanting to DIY project management. (podcast)
  • Was your 2022 intention to be more intentional? Kathleen came back on the pod to discuss how to approach your content creation strategy with purpose. (podcast)
  • Double down on marketing with this episode featuring Nikki Nash. Emily and Nikki discuss ways to create a marketing calendar, how to market to your audience, and the most important part of marketing for your business. Listen to find out what that is! (podcast)
  • If you struggled with creating and maintaining boundaries last year, listen to episode 308. Emily and Corey got together to talk about what it looks like to uphold healthy boundaries. (podcast)
  • Seeking alignment. If you felt out of alignment with your biz last year, you weren’t alone. Bosses were all ears to hear Megan’s advice for how to pivot your business to realign with your values. (podcast)
  • How do you find inspiration? If your work centers around content creation, there will be times when you feel like you’re out of ideas. Keep showing up to do the work and inspiration will find you. (podcast)

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What’s Fresh

  • At the beginning of last year, you were curious as to what the stars and planets had in store for you in 2022. Get a jump on 2023 with these astrological predictions. (articles)
  • It’s here. Shopify just released its guide to 2023’s biggest commerce trends. Get a head start on what’s hot for next year. (article)
  • If you miss the old Twitter, two former employees are working to launch Spill, a new social media platform that has most of the features you love… without the Musk drama. (article)
  • Asana rolled out new updates just in time for the new year and new projects. (article)


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